Pick Your Flavor

Today, Rackspace and HP Cloud are popular public clouds based on OpenStack. To run your workloads on OpenStack, find out if Cloud Application Manager is the right DevOps platform.

OpenStack is an open source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud platform. While providers in the ecosystem like Rackspace and HP Cloud built public clouds, some organizations build their private clouds using OpenStack. All these cloud implementations share the same common OpenStack platform. That’s why those organizations find it easy to manage their deployment workloads in any OpenStack model, be it private, public, or hybrid.

Auto-Provision and Orchestrate

By all means, you can implement a private cloud using OpenStack, or go the managed hosting route with Rackspace or HP Cloud. In either case, you expend a lot of valuable time and resources to manually provision servers and set up machines to handle workloads. On top of infrastructure costs, you incur a lot of IT setup overhead.

Wouldn’t you prefer to offload this work and speed up your deployments, automate all the remote provisioning and orchestrating? As you’ll see below, a few steps is all it takes in Cloud Application Manager to auto-provision and orchestrate application workloads remotely.

Deploy to Rackspace or HP Cloud in 4 Easy Cloud Application Manager Steps

  1. Add a provider. Connect to your account in Rackspace cloud or HP Cloud from Cloud Application Manager using the keystone identity API credentials.

  2. Select a box. From the Cloud Application Manager service catalog, select the one you created or choose from the quick starts. The box defines the application or component you wish to run on top of the Linux servers in either cloud.

    HP Cloud or Rackspace

  3. Create a deployment profile. In a deployment profile, configure settings to deploy to HP Cloud or Rackspace. For Rackspace, choose the location, image OS, instance size and optionally a key pair to SSH into the instance. Additionally, for HP Cloud add extra volume storage or launch the VMs in an exclusive security group.

  4. eploy the instance. Click deploy to create and provision a Linux VM per your settings. For more help, see the Rackspace and HP Cloud docs.

Choose the right OpenStack provider for your workloads and automate with a DevOps platform like Cloud Application Manager. Take advantage of fast replicable deployments, a ready-to-deploy service catalog, and collaborate with IT teams to speed up and save on deployment and DevOps costs. Get started with an account today.

Want to Learn More About Cloud Application Manager?

Cloud Application Manager is a powerful, scalable platform for deploying applications into production across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. It provides interactive visualization to automate application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time.

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