CenturyLink Cloud builds on an agile development methodology and we update our platform about once every six weeks, but this month’s release is a doozy! Over the last 48 hours we’ve released a major platform update that includes:

  • Group server management tools
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Self-provisioning monitoring
  • Scheduled tasks for all types of servers and groups of servers
  • More than 400 additional new features and bug fixes

New Group VM Capability Eases Server Management

CenturyLink Cloud Groups is a new feature that allows users to logically group virtual machines by environment type, application, or any other user-specified criteria for easier server management. (Watch the demo video above.) With Groups you can manage large-scale deployments without the burden of configuring and monitoring each server individually. You can nest groups up to 32 levels deep—with policies and permissions automatically inherited by sub-groups and override functionality at every level.

  • Schedule or perform management tasks (such as stopping and starting, rebooting, or setting to maintenance mode) across all servers in a group or sub-group
  • Set default server configurations (e.g. OS version, DNS settings, VLAN) when a new server is provisioned within a group
  • Adjust an environment’s footprint as needed by archiving and restoring a group of VMs with all policy and configuration settings intact, or take a group’s snapshot for enhanced disaster recovery capabilities

Enhanced Reporting for Deeper Performance and Usage Insights

For even easier auditing and resource monitoring, we now offer comprehensive group reporting across memory, CPU, and disk usage and performance. You will also be able to set capacity limits on those resources by group. Additionally group reporting lets users view support events, ticketing, and hourly and predicted monthly costs—and also gives customers a historical view of server or Group bandwidth, CPU, memory, and storage usage, as well as ping-ability. Users can choose to add alert recipients at the group or server level.

Many More Great New Features

Additional features in this platform update include:

  • Updated server naming to reflect the two types of environments – Enterprise and Standard
  • Scheduled tasks have come out of the “Lab” and are now available across all groups and servers—allowing users to schedule management tasks for better server administration
  • Enhanced cloud orchestration capabilities in our Blueprint feature include additional server-level control, as well as a richer search function to make it even easier to find Blueprints matching your business and technology needs
  • UI Customization allows customers and partners to tailor the color and graphics of the Control Portal – bringing your branded look and feel to your internal control portal
  • API updates including new API documentation
  • We’ve launched a SAML single sign on beta project; customers interested in having this activated should talk to their account rep

We hope you find these recent updates useful.

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The CenturyLink Platform Team