Predictive monitoring has a range of business applications, from uncovering fraud in credit card transactions to detecting intrusions in a computer network.

With deeper context for fluctuating metrics through predictive monitoring, anomaly detection, and forecasting, identifying aberrant behavior in network traffic patterns can help an IT Security team ward off attempted attacks. Algorithms modeled to forecast expected behavior can give your team the ability to both visualize expected trends and specify when they want to receive alerts about potential issues.

CenturyLink’s Cloud Application Manager takes a best-practice approach to automation that weeds out a greater number of false positives than standard systems. This is where other options that rely on threshold-based alerts for cloud monitoring — especially when alerts occur and there’s really nothing wrong — leave much to be desired.

Infrastructure supporting workloads is supposed to work hard, so threshold-based alerting can define maximum efficiency as a problem. Signals that cross a threshold may not represent an actual problem, while changes that may be problematic may not actually cross the threshold. Likewise, signals that cross a threshold close to an outage scenario may not leave enough time to react to a problem, while adjusting thresholds closer to the norm of the signal may lead to false positive alerts.

Next-generation monitoring based on metric forecasting is a key component of CenturyLink’s advanced platform. Its highest degree of white glove service is Managed Services Anywhere, a software-defined experience where entire cloud provider environments are fully managed. We also offer optional monitoring of native Amazon Web Services (AWS) via CloudWatch integration to expand our OS level monitoring capabilities. This proprietary service, based on a mathematical model that relies on historic behavior to establish values for input signals, collects and track metrics, monitors log files and sets alarms.

Offering a dashboard view of policies and initiating automated or manual remediation on alerts from all managed devices, applications and services, Cloud Application Manager’s monitoring dashboard is specific to AWS providers. Our goal is to provide users of the Cloud Application Manager Monitoring site with CloudWatch metrics and graphs about their infrastructure and services residing with AWS.

By combining log data from the risk profiles of each customer asset with near real-time threat intelligence data from our global corporate network and partner threat intelligence feeds, anomaly detection with CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager gives you the power to set thresholds that are likely to be more meaningful — so your monitoring doesn’t “cry wolf,” or overlook a real-time threat.

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