CenturyLink is pleased to announce price reductions for several of our flagship public cloud services around the world.


The CenturyLink Cloud® Online Price Estimator, TCO tool, and product pages have been updated to reflect our lower prices. The lower prices are effective for customers retroactive to April 1, 2016. And the customer invoices delivered for April will reflect the price changes noted above.

Public Cloud Economies of Scale at Work for You

This is the benefit of the public cloud – large providers like CenturyLink buy the gear and write automation software to run it efficiently. Part of the scale we can achieve at CenturyLink with our public cloud is due to our other infrastructure services – colocation, and hosting products in over 60 data centers, as well as a world-class fiber network. This scale and integration across products is why customers look to us as a crucial partner for their Hybrid IT strategy – after all, our cloud is a platform for Hybrid IT delivery.

Cloud & Hybrid IT: What to Look For

A Hybrid IT strategy for every enterprise must include a full embrace of public cloud services. And these services need to be from cloud providers that meet the proven “table stakes” in terms of features:

• A full portfolio of compute, storage, and network features

• APIs for programmatic access – if a provider doesn’t have an API published, they don’t really have a cloud

• Elastic capabilities – scale up and scale down based on real-time usage

• Self-service – get access to resources without speaking to a human, either via UI or API

• On-demand – servers are spun up in minutes, not hours

• Global reach – a public cloud presence in key geographies supports data sovereignty, proximity to users and customers, and helps users capitalize on new business opportunities wherever they may be.

• Rapid pace of new feature development

The last table stakes item? A competitive hourly price – to go along with regular price drops. That’s what we’ve done at CenturyLink over the last few years. We invite you to evaluate our cloud and how it can further your Hybrid IT strategy.

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