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CenturyLink demonstrates its commitment to provide automation and productivity on our Hybrid IT Services Platform, which makes it easy for you to manage and control your virtualized application and network resources.

Relational DB is a MySQL-compatible Database-as-a-Service (RDBaaS) designed to meet the needs of the developer for rapid software development while providing accelerated IT on-demand. For example, you can easily provision database environments without incurring any of the usual costs related to dedicated hardware and licensing. Developers can spin up high-performing, dynamic MySQL-compatible databases instantly to support their software delivery needs while minimizing infrastructure costs and reducing the time required to manage.

Deployment Options

Companies look for an advantage in the marketplace while also looking to control costs. There are basically two database deployment options facing many enterprises both large or small. In either case, the option begins with defining your need. The decision is determining which of the two makes the most sense for your business.

Traditional Self-Service Relational DB
Staff the required database administrators Define the budget
Procure or rent the hardware Consume services on an as-needed basis
Define infrastructure requirements Scale up or down as necessary
Define maintenance and downtime process
Manage security
Implement load balancing
Set up backup, failover, and failback procedures
Database application installation, configuration, automation, tuning, and monitoring

In the self-service model, there are significant CapEx costs associated with each step outlined above. In the Relational DB model, all of your costs are OpEx. This offers a compelling advantage for many organizations. Virtualizing the full application stack, including the data layer, results in significant cost savings. Moreover, you can automate and manage your database through API calls or by using our intuitive Control Portal. You don’t have to be a database expert! The automation behind it all helps you innovate, roll out new services, and deliver value-adding applications to market quickly.

So, why spend unnecessary time managing databases? Yes, you can manually create, configure, operate, and do all the maintenance. The traditional self-service model is an option, but is it the right option? The process takes away time from application development supporting your business workloads. It also cuts into the amount of time developers can put to better use provisioning, testing, and optimizing databases.

It might make more sense to offload the day-to-day management and maintenance to CenturyLink. Our Relational DB service gives you instant access to a high-performing, highly-available MySQL database services. That move enables developers to be more productive and efficient at doing what they do best – taking your product to market to move your business forward.

Highlights of Our Relational DB

Here are just some of the advantages of our MySQL-compatible instance built on enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Flexible, Scalable Resources

  • Self-service automation
  • Provision any combination of CPU, RAM, and Storage within platform limits
  • Scale CPU, RAM and Storage together or independently of each other
  • Up to 16 CPU, 128 GB Memory, and 664 GB Storage


  • 100% Flash/SSD storage
  • Minimum 15,000 IOPs to drive fast database query response times
  • No extra charges for I/O requests
  • SSL Certificate provided to encrypt connection and data in transit

Point-and-Click Administration

  • CPU and Storage alert notifications
  • In-data center replication
  • Customizable backup schedule
  • Daily backups with configurable back-up retention
  • Point-in-time restore capability
  • Global CenturyLink Cloud data centers locations
  • Auto-failover/failback
  • Log monitoring
  • Start/stop/restart Services

Spin Up a Cloud Relational Database and Test It Out

As your company expands and evolves, the workload associated with keeping your applications fine-tuned and running at optimal performance are going to do the same. CenturyLink Cloud Relational DB is agile, available, and scalable. Our service enables you to focus your resources on application development rather than database administration.

Designed for your business needs today and tomorrow, the CenturyLink Cloud is reliable, secure, robust, and global. Get started with CenturyLink Cloud and receive a $500 credit toward qualifying CenturyLink Cloud products or services.

In addition to the qualifying offer above, you can spin up a cloud Relational Database and receive 1vCPU, 1 GB RAM, and 1 GB Storage free for 30 days.