We’ve had a cooler-than-normal summer, but tech is clearly hot in Washington! (Check out this recent TechFlash article, where our CEO Adam Wray says there’s a “quarter of a trillion dollars” waiting on the sidelines for enterprise cloud computing alone.) Demand alone, however, doesn’t suddenly create a successful startup culture, as shown by Gist’s terrific Seattle tech scene infographic. Engineering talent, professional service providers, and locally-focused investors—like our own funding partners Madrona Venture Group and Ignition Partners—are just a few of the key ingredients that have helped make Washington a hotbed of innovation over the years. As a new way to contribute to the vibrant local business community that we serve and interact with everyday, CenturyLink Cloud recently joined the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), and we’re looking forward to brushing up on our chip shot at their annual golf open on July 25th. Want to meet the team? Come say hello—we’ll be the cloud guys with balloons full of great prizes at Hole 6. See you out on the green!