Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem to share how their technology on the CenturyLink Marketplace provides customers with low-friction solutions to solve complex business challenges. This edition's guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Sid Prasanna, CEO, at FlexSecure.

Passwordless Authentication Made Easy

FlexSecure solves a unifying problem -- the need to dynamically secure access to resources and data, based on the user and their level of authorized access. Many solutions exist for granting access in a static way, but no easy-to-use solution exists that can adjust the security authentication requirements in real-time, based on dynamic factors in the security equation.

By adding FlexSecure to their existing authentication or access control systems, organizations can adopt multi-layered authentication options. Multi-layered authentication enable organizations to add significant levels of security to protect their data from hackers and prevent unauthorized access.

FlexSecure is a flexible user authentication platform, providing Passwordless and Pin-based authentication, without the need to install an application. This platform enables organizations of all sizes to mix and match appropriate user authentication methods to protect applications on their Cloud, Mobile, and IT infrastructure. The FlexSecure platform is easy and secure and offers the following benefits:

• Easy to integrate; easy to use

• No apps to install

• No need to remember passwords

• Quick and easy integration into existing applications

• Easy to use administration console

• Simple for the administrator to manage and switch authentication methods

• Audit trail for login activities

Watch this demo to see how easy it is to implement the FlexSecure Passwordless and Pin-based authentication to any system.

Passwordless is the Future

Passwordless and Pin-based authentication connections are growing exponentially. Businesses want to be able to both provide a secure user experience to its customers, as well as ensure that their employees are accessing internal systems securely. While consumers want a simple and secure user log-in experience. Passwordless authentication, by its nature, eliminates one of the biggest user errors, which is accessing sites with unsafe passwords. Users are connected to more devices and have more accounts than ever, which means that the passwordless approach is not only more convenient for users, but also a more secure model.

The FlexSecure Technology

The FlexSecure technology can help both businesses and consumers safely and securely access systems and sites, with ease.

After FlexSecure assigns a customer an account, the customer can then add systems, applications, and users and assign authentication methods. It is suggested that systems be entered first and thereafter, assigned to users.

Systems are anything that users want to access -- like applications, cloud infrastructure, etc. Users can be anyone or any device that needs to be authenticated.


You can learn more about the FlexSecure Platform by visiting their website and by watching a demonstration on the ease of use of the FlexSecure technology here.

Getting Started with FlexSecure

FlexSecure has integrated their technology on the CenturyLink Marketplace. The CenturyLink Marketplace allows businesses to deploy solutions in a fast and low-friction model.

Enhance your security model today with FlexSecure FlexSecure's Passwordless Authentication technology.

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