Third in a series of 3 blogs on Cloud Security

Now that we’ve covered cloud security fundamentals and how CenturyLink secures its cloud, for our final post on security this week, we turn to addressing managed services for cloud-based resources.

Many cloud users would like to assign the majority of security responsibilities to a third party service provider, particularly if the workloads and applications are not core to their business. Yet maintaining a high level of cloud security is essential to their business. Using a cloud service provider with expertise in cloud security makes sense; the right provider will have a breadth of experience and skilled employees in this specialized field. In-house cloud security expertise is increasingly hard to find, and even harder to keep.

Security for Managed Server and OS

CenturyLink Cloud offers managed services for operating systems and applications, such as a Windows Server running IIS, Active Directory, or Redhat Linux machines running Apache Tomcat. These managed services include built-in security features and security options. For example, the Operating Systems come with industry-standard anti-virus protection and regular virus and malware signature updates. It has to be hardened, e.g. by closing off ports, downloading and applying the latest security updates and so forth. CenturyLink managed services offers support for critical and vendor-recommended patches, as well establishing shared domain controllers to authorize customer administrators if customer-specific security protocols require additional patching.

Managed Security Services

When it comes to keeping your network and applications secure from outside forces, simply installing the standard precautions that come bundled with your OS and servers is seldom enough. The threat landscape is evolving every day and companies need to take a much more comprehensive approach, moving beyond collecting logs and monitoring servers, to embracing new technologies which reduce their risk of being breached, and the impact of a breach when the inevitable happens.

This is where CenturyLink often steps in and delivers managed security services. We can now offer next generation or “MSS 2.0” level services that offer companies comprehensive data analysis and Threat Intelligence in addition to the standard compliance-driven log collection services, DDoS protection, email anti-virus, malware and spam protection, web content filtering, and VPN support. Managed Security Services are increasingly managed through a Security Incident and Event Management tool, (SIEM) that allow CenturyLink to deliver not only 24/7/365 device monitoring and alerting, but to expand into full device management and response services, as well as incident analysis, all depending on the level of customer need. Other managed security services include managing firewall policy between network and the Internet, IPSec VPN support, and URL filtering.

Other Security Services

CenturyLink Cloud also offers, through partners, custom logging services, data encryption advisory services, email protection, anti-virus, and application whitelisting. Our logging service records multiple streams of activities across datacenters, providing the key to you as needed. Application whitelisting is a process that lets you identify applications that are allowed to run on a specific VM – the so-called “white list.” For encrypting data-at-rest, we have expanded our ecosystem by partnering with Vormetric, a leader in data security solutions. With Vormetric, a single infrastructure and management environment protects data wherever it resides with file, volume and cloud storage encryption, tokenization with dynamic data masking, field-level application encryption, sophisticated access control policies, third party and integrated encryption key management. Vormetric is available today as an integrated blueprint on our platform, learn more in our knowledge base.


Customers want options for various levels of security responsibilities, depending on the type of workload and required security controls. If customers need security patching for non-core workloads, then managed security services or embedded security procedures on CenturyLink Cloud would be a great option.

Thanks for joining us this week to learn about CenturyLink Cloud and our approach to security. To learn more download our Cloud Security Overview and learn how CenturyLink fights vulnerabilities with a multi-layered approach to IT security.