Today we released an update to T3 Manager, our customer control panel. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our customer experience, we will be releasing monthly updates to T3 Manager. These updates will be focused on making it easier for our customers to manage their platform through new interface improvements and functionality.

Along with over 40 bug fixes and UI improvements, highlights from this month’s release include:

  • Automatic Monitoring of All Servers: Monitoring of server resources such as CPU, memory, storage and OS disk is now automatically added when new Premium or Lab Servers are created.
  • Premium Server Memory: Maximum memory capacity has increased to 64 GB for Premium Servers.
  • Account Section Interface: Now account related items such as company information, payment method, users, permissions, notifications and API users are consolidated within an improved interface. Page load performance has also increased.
  • Instant List Search: Get quicker search results on listing pages like the Server or Users page.
  • Improved Logging: Improvements to the logging system now log more changes made to an account, user or server.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and find them as useful as we do.