Like most people, I have a mobile phone that is representative of my personality and productivity needs. Carefully chosen phone cases, background images, apps, and settings all create a level of personalization within the boundaries defined by my phone provider. My phone is basically a platform for delivering what I want, how I want it. Why can't your cloud behave the same way?

CenturyLink Cloud has offered a deep set of channel-friendly features for years. This month, we went even further to make sure that all our customers have greater control over their cloud experience. What does it mean to make our cloud your own?

Control the Appearance

Change how the CenturyLink Cloud Control Portal looks to your customers and users. Alter not only the color scheme and logos, but go deeper with modifications to listed support phone numbers, email addresses, and Knowledge Base links. Tweak the outbound email templates so that new users get a personalized message when they join the account.

Control the Access Point

With this latest software release, it's easy to use a non-CenturyLink branded domain to access the Control Portal. All customers can immediately use {account alias} to see a personalized login page with their logo. Soon, we'll make it possible to choose any sub-domain value that fits your needs!

Control the Available Services

What cloud capabilities should be available? Companies may want to slowly introduce major new features to their user base, and now that's possible in the CenturyLink Cloud. The new Service Catalog makes it easy to set feature visibility for an entire account hierarchy.

Control the Cloud Locations

Where do you want to run cloud workloads? For channel partners based in a specific geography, it makes sense to build up an offering targeting a specific set of data centers. With CenturyLink Cloud, it's simple to choose which of our global data centers

Control the Price

There are many cases where you may want to charge a different price for cloud than what CenturyLink is charging you. For a channel partner, introduce value-added services that justify a higher rate. Direct customers may manage cloud out of a centralized team, and want a small surcharge to help fund operations. Regardless of the reason, CenturyLink Cloud now supports a "name your own price" capability. Soft launched this month and available as self-service shortly, this feature makes it easy to set per-account pricing for any cloud service.

Control the Documentation

While we're proud of our product documentation, we realize that you may want to modify and rebrand them for your own users. CenturyLink Cloud has made our Knowledge Base open source where you can submit updates, or fork the entire thing and customize it!


Personalization isn't just about creating an emotional attachment; it's about improving productivity. CenturyLink Cloud offers a best-in-class experience for customizing your cloud experience to best match your business needs and interaction style. All of these services can be used today and are available at no charge. Sign up for a CenturyLink Cloud account today and take it for a spin!