As your business strives to support new initiatives, bolster resiliency, innovate and grow, cloud computing will be the centerpiece of your digital strategy. But businesses can take different paths on their IT journeys to reach the cloud. Which one is best for yours?

Public cloud services can’t meet all of your requirements alone. You need an environment that is secure enough to handle sensitive customer data and flexible enough to support highly customized applications, so a hybrid cloud approach might be a better option.

By combining public services with one or more private clouds, you can tap into hybrid cloud’s powerful benefits---improved agility, seamless scalability and reduced capital expenditures. The private cloud component of your hybrid environment will let you retain strong control of data while providing the flexibility to create a highly tailored environment.

Important factors to consider when choosing your cloud solution include:

  • Location
  • Time to value
  • Security
  • Expertise
  • Costs

Whichever approach is right for you, CenturyLink can help. DCC Foundation is a next-generation software-defined data center solution based on VMware Cloud Foundation. With software-defined networking and VMware vSAN Storage, it delivers a completely integrated hyperconverged infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution. Built on industry-leading technologies, DCC Foundation offers deep flexibility to meet a wide range of private cloud requirements.

Download the CenturyLink smartpaper, Decisions ahead: Navigating your journey to the cloud, for insights you can share with key decision-makers in your organization.