CenturyLink's end-to-end security managed services are built to detect, protect, and respond to security threats and malicious activity anywhere customers do business. Bolstering these features, CenturyLink’s Managed Security Services will now leverage ThreatConnect, a threat intelligence-based security platform that taps into SAP HANA. The partnership allows CenturyLink to utilize its Managed Services offering, composed of a data-driven set of tools to improve detection, protection, and remediation services for customers.

CenturyLink’s security service is built to help Security Operations Center (SOC) specialists and customers identify, block, and mitigate security threats through Security Log Monitoring(SLM), incident management, and response support services. ThreatConnect will integrate with the CenturyLink platform to provide an offering and solution that fits with its customers’ new or existing threat management and security operations functions.

Regarding ThreatConnect’s impact working with organizations, CEO Adam Vincent said, "the MSSP program is a force multiplier that organizations like CenturyLink can leverage to offer threat detection and response, customized processes or any of a number of premium services to clients."

Adam Vincent’s vision is centered on automating as much of a SOC as possible and while continuing to build a community around threat intelligence. In years past, the barriers were technology-based as the resources and process existed to build this community. ThreatConnect is pushing the envelope of automating workflow. These two things combined will hopefully enable CenturyLink’s MSS to be uniquely positioned in the competitive market.

The ThreatConnect platform equips enterprises with the ability to quickly identify the most pertinent threats, proactively protect their customer organizations, and quickly respond to each incident in a measurable way through logging and monitoring integration. ThreatConnect's work with Managed Service Security Providers (MSSPs) combined with CenturyLink's Managed Security Service (MSS) helps customers coalesce ThreatConnect into either new or existing threat management and security operations functions, resulting in more efficient detection, protection, and remediation processes utilizing threat intelligence.

CenturyLink can now seamlessly aggregate and action on threat intelligence practices with MSS by leveraging ThreatConnect's platform. By providing advanced threat services that include security log monitoring (SLM) with trending and threat analysis, incident management and response services - CenturyLink helps organizations and customers to be proactive instead of reactive to identify, block, quarantine, and remediate threats in their environments.

By delivering a broad range of advanced hybrid IT security solutions, including consulting and network services, CenturyLink's platform is both powerful and responsive.

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