CenturyLink Cloud joins Red Hat ecosystem as a Certified Cloud Provider

BELLEVUE, Wash. — November 5, 2012 ― CenturyLink Cloud, Inc., the enterprise cloud platform provider, announced today it has joined the Red Hat Cloud ecosystem and is now a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider.   Red Hat Enterprise Linux is immediately available to customers of CenturyLink Cloud’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

“Today’s enterprises demand the flexibility to deploy the operating systems and run-times of their choice.  In fact, IT leaders are increasingly selecting unique combinations of technology to optimize the performance of specific workloads,” said Jim Newkirk, VP of engineering at CenturyLink Cloud. “Red Hat is one of the biggest proponents of enterprise cloud computing, and our partnership will help customers migrate more projects to the CenturyLink Cloud cloud with confidence.”

CenturyLink Cloud’s cloud services are designed for large and mid-sized businesses.  The company includes important enterprise features in its base products, including advanced security measures, risk mitigation and high availability.  This enables IT departments to bring applications and services to the cloud more easily with CenturyLink Cloud than other alternatives.

There’s also good news for enterprises that use on-premise images of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  These customers that deploy cloud-based versions of this OS with CenturyLink Cloud receive consistent, unified service from Red Hat’s enterprise support team.

“Enterprises are demanding more and more from cloud computing.  We are confident that the CenturyLink Cloud cloud platform, having met our intensive testing requirements, will deliver a scalable, supported, secure and consistent environment for Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments,” said Bryan Che, general manager, Cloud Business Unit at Red Hat. “CenturyLink Cloud is among the top enterprise cloud providers we recommend as a trusted destination for Red Hat customers, ISVs, and partners.”

When leveraging Red Hat Enterprise Linux, customers will benefit from a host of other unique benefits offered by CenturyLink Cloud:

  • Sophisticated orchestration that reduces complexity.  Customers can create unique configuration templates for virtual machines specifications, as well as the software that runs atop them.  This unique feature, called “Blueprints,” enable users to quickly deploy new environments.
  • Advanced management that creates operational efficiency.  CenturyLink Cloud offers innovative management features to administer “groups” of Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers in less time.  IT Ops can automatically apply tasks, scripts, and updates against many servers at once, so it’s easier to support a large volume of virtual machines. 
  • High Performance.  Every deployment will tap into CenturyLink Cloud’s unique performance features to deliver optimized cloud performance matching that of on-premise deployments.

About CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Cloud unleashes business agility through unique, enterprise-class cloud services and software that puts global companies on the path to IT as a Service.  The company’s virtual private cloud services combine both infrastructure (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) in a comprehensive platform. The CenturyLink Cloud Cloud increases IT operational efficiency and flexibility through advanced cloud orchestration and management capabilities. Global enterprises and service providers find the CenturyLink Cloud Cloud ideal for their entire business application portfolios, from development to production environments and business-critical applications.  The Company is based in Bellevue, WA, with regional presence in multiple locations in North America and Europe. www.tier3.com