Features Advance IT Operations Automation, Enhance Performance; See Demo at Interop New York October 5-6

BELLEVUE, Wash.—October 4, 2011—CenturyLink Cloud, Inc. today announced two new features to enhance the performance and IT operation automation (auto-ops) capabilities of its enterprise-class virtual private cloud: CenturyLink Cloud Autoscaler 2.0 and the self-service management of load balancers based on Citrix® NetScaler® VPX™ via CenturyLink Cloud’s Management Control Portal or API.

With its Autoscaler 2.0, CenturyLink Cloud takes a unique approach to eliminating performance hits that can occur when only scaling in real time. Typical autoscalers only provision extra servers in response to increased demand, known as “horizontal scaling.” CenturyLink Cloud’s Autoscaler 2.0 scales predictively based on historical usage patterns, not just reactively in response to the current load, and does so both vertically and horizontally. Predictive scaling with defined business rules based for risk tolerance ensures appropriate resources are allocated ahead of need—without requiring IT operations staff to manually optimize resources. By allowing enterprises to scale up, instead of—or in addition to—out, CenturyLink Cloud’s Autoscaler enables a more agile methodology and better performance for many enterprise applications.

The increased data loads resulting from standard usage swings as well as major events can put significant strain on any system—and companies must be able to maintain peak performance during these times,” said Jared Wray, CTO, CenturyLink Cloud. “With CenturyLink Cloud’s Autoscaler, 2.0 scaling is predicted and then delivered seamlessly, without hiccups in performance or availability. As a result, enterprises can be even more confident in the performance and continuity of their business.”

CenturyLink Cloud now also offers customers the ability to directly manage their NetScaler VPX application delivery controller virtual appliance via CenturyLink Cloud’s Management Control Portal or API. Integrated into CenturyLink Cloud’s platform, these load balancers make apps and cloud-based services run more efficiently by offloading app and database servers and accelerating app and service performance. Customers can now configure their load balancer, add a new site or server to their balancer, or even leverage CenturyLink Cloud’s maintenance mode feature to efficiently take sites or servers out of rotation.

NetScaler provides application availability, security and acceleration capabilities critical to meeting application service level requirements,” said Morgan Gerhart, director of products, Networking and Cloud, Citrix. “Integrating NetScaler VPX into the CenturyLink Cloud management control portal lets IT Ops provision, manage and maintain NetScaler the same way as other application components are managed.”

In addition, for advanced auto-ops functionality, customers can designate both Autoscaler and load balancer rules when they templatize complex environments as Blueprints in CenturyLink Cloud’s cloud environment automation toolset. (As announced in August as part of the company’s platform agnostic Environment Engine toolset.) These rules will then automatically deploy with the rest of their environment when the Blueprint is executed to provision cloud services.

More on CenturyLink Cloud Enterprise Cloud

Autoscaler 2.0 and NetScaler VPX self-service are features of the CenturyLink Cloud Enterprise Cloud, an enterprise-class virtual private cloud which provides 99.999% SLA across server, network and storage; leading security certifications; built in disaster recovery; and industry-first predictive optimization technologies for uncompromising performance across the entire stack.


  • Autoscaler 2.0 is in beta today and will be generally available in November as an optional feature for the CenturyLink Cloud Enterprise Cloud Platform. Autoscaler 1.0 is currently available.

  • CenturyLink Cloud offers NetScaler web application delivery controller appliances to customers upon request today. Self-service management via the CenturyLink Cloud management control portal or API will be available November 1.

CenturyLink Cloud at Interop NY

CenturyLink Cloud is a silver sponsor of the Enteprise Cloud Summit (today) and Interop NY (Oct 5-7). CenturyLink Cloud chief technology officer Jared Wray is a featured Speaker on today’s Infrastructure as a Service panel. CenturyLink Cloud will be demonstrating its cloud platform Management Control Portal and Environment Engine toolset.

About CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Cloud, based in Bellevue, Wash., goes beyond traditional cloud offerings to provide an agile, self-optimizing enterprise cloud platform. Enterprises large and small depend on the company’s secure, intelligent platform to run their mission-critical, production applications and services so they can focus on their core business. They realize the cloud benefits of lower TCO and dynamic scaling delivered on an enterprise-class platform with SLAs, security, and built-in disaster recovery. Innovative technologies deliver predictive optimization for unprecedented performance at all layers. For more information, visit http://www.tier3.com.

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