Last month, CenturyLink Cloud rented a house in St. George, Utah to provide our engineers time to collaborate – they coded their hands off and had fun while doing so!

We asked our Sr. Software Engineer, Mr. Matthew Osborn (@osbornm), about his time at the Hack House and what he found most rewarding about the experience. His highlights:

  • Time spent solving problems. Often problems, especially big ones – related to computer science, engineering, or anything for that matter - take hours of work to solve. Having more than the standard 8-hour day to think about and solve these problems is amazingly helpful. Yes it’s a lot of work, and it sucks some of the time, but you can do some truly awesome stuff.
  • Time spent with the team. In a normal setting, you come to work do your job and then go home. You interact with your coworkers on a purely work-related level. Living with these same people changes that dynamic, and you are forced to build relationship that you otherwise would never choose to make. Interacting with folks on not just a work level but on a social level helps you understand their thinking and ultimately can really improve collaboration.
  • Time spent on the product. When you take the two points above and combine them, the group as a whole can make leaps and bounds on the product. We were able to accomplish tasks that simply would not be possible in a normal environment.
  • Not everything was work. We did have some social time and we were able to get out and do things. For me I went to a crossfit box down the street everyday and got my work out in. A lot of the folks would either swim or play basketball to “get away”. A few of us even hiked to The Subway in Zion National Park.

Matthew also put together a time-lapse video of their time at the hack house, and took some amazing photos of the natural beauty surrounding them in Zion National Park and nearby areas.



Look for the fruits of their labor coming soon to the CenturyLink Cloud product catalog. Also, if you want to join us at the next Hack House, we’re still looking for one or two more great developers to join the team!