Performs Automatic, Policy-Based Backup of End-User PCs in the Cloud; See Demo at VMworld® 2011 Today Through September 1 in Booth 213

Today at VMworld® 2011, CenturyLink Cloud, Inc., an enterprise cloud platform provider, announced Client Backup, a secure, cloud-based file recovery application that ensures business continuity for users in the event critical data is accidentally deleted from individual computers. For no additional charge beyond the storage used, customers on the CenturyLink Cloud Enterprise Cloud Platform will now have current and past versions of their employees’ data available without relying on internal staff or local storage, and with no burden on end users. Most of the desktop backup solutions on the market today are meant for individual users, not optimized for entire organizations.

With a comprehensive web control panel and admin accounts allowing centralized management, CenturyLink Cloud’s Client Backup is aimed squarely at IT managers needing a complete desktop backup solution for their companies’ employees. “Accidentally deleting critical documents can be such a time waster as we search around—with fingers crossed—for possible back-ups or reluctantly resort to starting over completely; it’s happened to us all,” said Jared Wray, chief technology officer, CenturyLink Cloud. “With our new client backup capabilities, users can get right back to work with a restored copy that’s been encrypted and replicated at our CenturyLink Cloud data centers.” In addition to the centralized management features, Client Backup provides:

  • Customizable Backup: Custom revision histories ensure a file can be restored to a previous version, while users can set how long deleted files are kept in backup storage. In addition, only the data types and locations users want recoverable are included in backups.
  • Hourly File Backup: once installed, the desktop client will begin backing up files automatically every hour from a customer’s computer to their CenturyLink Cloud enterprise cloud archive storage.
  • Security Measures: Data is fully encrypted in CenturyLink Cloud’s secured datacenters and point-to-point during transport.
  • Maintained Performance: Because only recently edited files are flagged to back up again, machine performance is maintained throughout the backup process. Bandwidth usage is also throttled during backups to maintain available Internet availability for end-users.

Client Backup is built into the CenturyLink Cloud Enterprise Cloud, which provides 99.999% (“five nines”) SLA across server, network and storage; leading security certifications; built in disaster recovery; and industry-first predictive optimization technologies for uncompromising performance across the entire stack. CenturyLink Cloud’s platform achieved VMware vCloud® Powered status in July. See the CenturyLink Cloud Client Backup Demo in booth 213 at VMworld 2011 today through September 1 in Las Vegas.

Cost & Availability

Client Backup is available today, with no licensing costs associated with the desktop client software. Unlike other backup solutions, it is billed on a utility basis, where a customer only pays for storage and bandwidth used.

About CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Cloud, based in Bellevue, Wash., goes beyond traditional cloud offerings to provide an agile, self-optimizing enterprise cloud platform. Enterprises large and small depend on the company’s secure, intelligent platform to run their mission-critical, production applications and services so they can focus on their core business. They realize the cloud benefits of lower TCO and dynamic scaling delivered on an enterprise-class platform with SLAs, security, and built-in disaster recovery. Innovative technologies deliver predictive optimization for unprecedented performance at all layers. For more information, visit

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