CenturyLink Cloud’s Multi-Region Architecture Provides Highly Available, Secure Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity, Business Agility New York, NY. – October 5, 2011

Today at Interop NY, enterprise cloud platform provider CenturyLink Cloud announced that it will add a data center in the New York metro area to complete the multi-region architecture of its enterprise-grade infrastructure as a service solution. New York joins Seattle and Chicago for a three-region model that enhances the high availability and built-in business continuity of the CenturyLink Cloud enterprise cloud. With its intuitive management controls, high performing, highly availability infrastructure and platform-agnostic orchestration and automation layer, CenturyLink Cloud meets the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) requirements of companies wishing to deploy public or virtual private (hybrid) clouds for increased business agility.

Enterprises across the country are actively identifying apps they can move to a virtual private cloud, but to do so they are demanding a true enterprise-grade cloud platform that provides control, transparency, security, performance and a high availability five 9 SLA,” said Adam Wray, CEO, CenturyLink Cloud. “These customers also want to benefit from the peace of mind of built-in business continuity features and the value that advanced operation automation or auto-ops capabilities bring to significantly reducing operational complexity and costs. CenturyLink Cloud meets all of those customer requirements.” CenturyLink Cloud chose to locate in New York based on frequent requests from customers, prospects and partners for a regional solution that offers high performance and low latency with the best combination of cloud-based utility and enterprise-grade availability and security. CenturyLink Cloud elected to collocate in Equinix’s New York IBX® (International Business Exchange™) for its enterprise-grade connectivity and carrier-neutral environment. This allows the company to offer CenturyLink Cloud Direct Connect for secure, performance-optimized connectivity – including Cross Connects and Equinix’s Carrier Ethernet Exchange as well as private VLAN and VPN.

Benefits of Bringing the CenturyLink Cloud Cloud to New York

Filling Gap in Region’s Public Cloud Market: CenturyLink Cloud provides a virtual private cloud IaaS solution fully managed thru the operating system, which eliminates the complexity of managing bare metal while still empowering enterprises with the control and transparency they require in a hybrid or virtual private cloud. With CenturyLink Cloud Direct Connect, New York metro customers can leverage private, secure, and performance-optimized connectivity. • Enhances Robust Built-In Business Continuity: Today, with every enterprise server deployment, CenturyLink Cloud keeps multiple copies mirrored locally and replicated automatically to an alternate data center, thus preserving a rolling 14-day backup. The new multi-region architecture now also ensures risk mitigation for single point of failure issues while allowing for complex deployments to be “rolled” across geographic regions. These new features compliment CenturyLink Cloud’s other enterprise-grade cloud features, including 99.999% SLA across entire system; high availability via provisioning across clusters with separate ESX hosts; secure multi-tenancy architecture, compliance and audit-ready policies and monitoring; and built-in business continuity/disaster recovery.


CenturyLink Cloud expects to be operational in New York by the end of the quarter. Visit CenturyLink Cloud to demo this solution, including the Autoscaler 2.0 features announced at this show, this week at Interop NY booth 804.

About CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Cloud helps large and mid-size enterprises bring applications and services to the cloud. The Bellevue, Wash.-based company provides an enterprise-grade virtual private cloud, enhanced by a framework-agnostic cloud orchestration layer to enable IT automation and agility. Architected for security, risk mitigation and high availability—with 99.999% SLA at all layers and disaster recovery in every deployment—CenturyLink Cloud is optimized for production environments and mission-critical applications. CenturyLink Cloud’s innovative infrastructure delivers superior performance and resource optimization while expert support provides a virtual extension of in-house IT staff. For more information, visit www.tier3.com.