I am delighted to report that I have joined CenturyLink Cloud as the VP of Engineering. I joined CenturyLink Cloud for two primary reasons; its comprehensive cloud management offering that is built for agility, and its talented team with the ability to execute on its vision.

As I look at the various cloud computing offerings from other vendors, they focus on compute, storage, and networking. Don’t get me wrong; all of these are necessary. CenturyLink Cloud not only addresses these building blocks, but we optimize them for more agile infrastructure that is easy to use and, just as important, easy to manage for IT operational efficiency.

The second reason is the people. Years ago when I joined my first start-up, Clear Communications (no, it did not bring me riches), I made a decision that working with great people on a day-to-day basis was critical for my professional development. For example, even though I worked at Teradyne with Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) it wasn’t until I moved to Clear Communications that I began to work with him on a daily basis. I cannot underestimate how much I learned in a short period of time from working with him. I have met and come to know the CenturyLink Cloud team and see them as highly talented individuals that will allow us to build out our product vision and make CenturyLink Cloud the most comprehensive cloud management platform in the industry. 

Another area of the business that I am really looking forward to contributing and being even more involved with is the adoption and usage of open source software to solve problems. CenturyLink Cloud already has a rich heritage in using and contributing to open source communities. I plan to continue the work that is being done via the Iron Foundry project (http://www.ironfoundry.org), and CenturyLink Cloud will also contribute in other areas where we can make relevant contributions.

Lastly, I would like to share my key values, which are transparency and feedback. I mention this; because I really want to get your feedback on the things we are doing right and areas for improvement. I very much look forward to hearing from and working with you.