Helping our customers transform IT through a cohesive set of services that span workloads, infrastructure, and network is our core focus at CenturyLink. Many service providers in the market are focused exclusively on innovating within the cloud services layer, and then partnering for service management and network connectivity. CenturyLink’s strategy is more workload-oriented: We focus on integrating solutions that span the layers of the Hybrid IT stack because we feel it unlocks more value for our customers over time.

Customers have different needs, and many are gravitating toward strategic partners like CenturyLink to support a range of workload scenarios. Businesses can unleash the power of the CenturyLink Platform, to create a recipe of products and services that not only meet their individual business needs, but also offload onerous tactical items where IT departments often can't afford to invest scarce resources.

The CenturyLink Platform is one of the core pieces of this strategy. We've architected our platform to be an easy way for enterprise technology efforts to get started quickly, with access to the right networks. We expose this platform publicly, so that our customers and partners can co-innovate with us.

We have created a quick "Platform Overview" video highlighting the range of features this platform offers. The video shows how easy it is to build and customize various products and services to fit specific business needs – and most importantly, manage them seamlessly with just a few clicks.

Customizable Control

The CenturyLink Cloud service was designed with more than asset creation in mind. It was built to allow the user to operate efficiently, customize according to specific business requirements, and scale globally as needed.

You can engage the CenturyLink Cloud service by using the Control portal, our API framework, or our integration SDK. When we build services with CenturyLink Cloud, we have to consider many aspects that factor into service scalabilty and reliability. The Control portal provides one interface to perform a wide array of tasks, from spinning-up servers to account management, so that becomes one less challenge for our customers to take on themselves.

Server Scalability Simplified

CenturyLink Cloud Servers offer scale and flexibility, along with the unique security, performance, and management that today’s businesses require. Whether you’re a one-person development operation or an enterprise IT operation, our platform delivers.

CenturyLink Bare Metal servers harness the computing power and single tenancy of a physical server, with the automation and pay-as-you-go flexibility of a virtual machine. You can easily integrate them with Public Cloud serves for a Hybrid IT solution.

Regardless of the server you choose, the process of building and managing servers is simplified via the Control Portal. In minutes the user can create highly-configurable virtual servers and pay only for what they use. Options to scale CPU, memory, storage, choose how big or small to make a machine in each dimension, and even change those dimensions with real-time visibility into estimated prices.

Managed Services

Adding Managed Services instantly creates managed environments for business critical applications, such as production websites or SQL databases. Scale managed workloads with the same speed and agility you expect from the public cloud — all with hourly billing.

Unified Administration

The Control Portal also allows for visibility into cost and consumption using the dashboard at the data center, group, and/or server level. Task scheduling features include: patching, server snapshots, rollbacks, and the capability for the shutdown of assets with ease.

Automate daily server administration and cloud management functions and expert-intensive processes, freeing up IT staff. Power operations, Blueprints, templates, packages and powerful APIs remove the tedium and opportunity for error inherent in complex tasks, freeing your IT staff to focus on more important business demands.

Future Innovation

CenturyLink Cloud is a foundational building block in our ongoing effort to make it easier for our customers to tap into our range of services. CenturyLink's platform strategy is focused on helping customers with workload challenges that span management, infrastructure, and network connectivity. We are using this platform strategy to further innovate around security, management, and network options that vastly improve the user experience over traditional modes of working with a communications service provider.

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