Make the Right Choice

Companies operating in a Hybrid IT environment need to manage both internal and customer-facing applications so they can reduce downtime, save money, increase productivity, and deliver new solutions to market. And most organizations recognize their need to align themselves with partners and consultants to provide expertise and guidance to properly fulfill their digital requirements.

With Cloud Application Manager, CenturyLink offers two support models — Managed Services Anywhere or Platform Advisory Support. These two approaches offer flexibility in engagement and level of expertise so businesses can choose the one that best fits their needs. The question is: Which one is right for your organization?

Platform Advisory Support is an enterprise-grade baseline support package for businesses that need less hands-on expertise. A designated Technical Account Manager is available to provide recommendations around best practices and platform triage, and CenturyLink leads and owns support responsibilities for all services utilized within the platform. That includes lead support responsibility for Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services whether you buy your own cloud, start from scratch, or build upon legacy assets.

Managed Services Anywhere orchestrates the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple cloud environments. Offering all the benefits of Platform Advisory Support, this is fully-managed service that also includes automated monitoring, patching and remote administration by certified IT professionals.

Companies challenged to improve operational efficiency, enhance IT agility, improve risk management and deliver exceptional customer experience should consider Managed Services Anywhere as a supplement to day-to-day needs that will free internal resources to focus on more strategic projects. Access to CenturyLink's 365x24x7 Global Operations Support Center means customers spend less time on IT management since center team members quickly manage customer services, handle support calls and troubleshoot issues.

Either way you go, you’ll leverage the Cloud Application Manager platform’s powerful feature set, including Application Lifecycle Management and the ability to optimize multiple cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure.

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