The AppFog service was retired on June 29, 2018. The AppFog Platform-as-a-Service is no longer available, including all source code, env vars, and database information. More information here.


Unleash the Power of the Platform

Understanding not only what the CenturyLink Platform is, but how to use it to get the most out of the products, services, and offerings, requires more than a surface-level view. In essence, our goal is to show you how to really engage with the CenturyLink Platform. We created a quick "Platform Overview" video to cover a wide array of our platform offerings and to show you how you can easily build and customize our catalog of products and services to fit your specific business needs; and most importantly, manage them seamlessly with just a few clicks. Watch the video below to learn how to utilize the CenturyLink Cloud Platform and transform how you deliver services to your customers.

2016 CenturyLink Cloud Platform Walkthrough from CenturyLink Cloud on Vimeo.


Customizable Control at your Fingertips

The CenturyLink Platform is comprised of IaaS, PaaS, and cloud management features that make it easier to manage and operate resources. Users can engage the platform by using the Control Portal, API's, and SDK's. There's a lot that goes into managing and building a cloud environment, such as thinking about the entire lifecycle of your resources. The Control Portal unlocks full functionality and a host of resources available to perform a wide array of tasks, from spinning up servers to ultimate account management capabilities.

Account Management Features:

  • Sub-accounts: Use these to represent different geographies, departments, sub-units, or if you're a reseller, different customers.
  • Site Branding: We encourage you to 'take over the experience' and make your end-users feel like the CenturyLink Platform is part of their unique environment. Customize the look of your offering to reflect specific business branding specifications.
  • Invoicing and Permissions: Configure billing preferences and cycles that you fit your needs. Each sub-account gets its own invoice, end-user permissions, and activity history log.
  • Customer Support: You have control over the customer support settings so you can take over the front-line support tier and customize the first point-of-contact customer experience.
  • Service Catalog Customization: Select which product offerings are available on an account-by-account basis while maintaining control over permissions and visibility.
  • Data Center Locations: Choose data center locations based on the variety of geographies and markets that are available to your consumers.
  • Flexible Server Creation: Create servers with real-time, scalable price quotes based off your build selections. Our servers can be organized into groups that are data center and/or region-based, managed or unmanaged, and contain server options of both Compute and Bare Metal.

Server Scalability

With the CenturyLink Platform it's not just about creating assets, it's about operating them efficiently to do things at-scale. As you choose your operating system during the configuration process, you can see the "Estimated Cost as Configured" figure to help you decide whether to scale-up or scale-down your selection.

For standard compute servers, you can scale CPU, memory, and storage consumption, which means you aren't shoehorned into pre-defined sizes. Instead you have choices on how big or small to make a machine -- all while getting a full view of pricing.

Bare Metal configuration shows instance-sized availability for specific data centers, with pricing implications based on appropriate OS choices. Just choose the network and create your virtual machine (VM) or physical machine in minutes.

Total Control, Total Efficiency

Utilize the capability to see cost and consumption using the dashboard at the data center, group, and/or server level unlocks in-depth management capabilities. Additionally, with a single click everything operates efficiently and at-scale with task scheduling features such as: patching, server snapshots, rollbacks, and the capability for the shutdown of assets with ease.

Doing More, Faster

We’ve been cultivating a technology ecosystem that we think will help our users go far, quickly. Our CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program enables integrations with a wide range of partner technologies who can "plug in" to CenturyLink Cloud as part of their user experience.

Technology partners can choose different types of integration patterns, one of the most flexible in our industry:

  • An Application Programming Interface (API) for automated interactions between any management system and the CenturyLink Cloud.
  • Our Blueprint orchestration engine. This powerful tool enables automated provisioning workflows for partner technologies; blueprints combine dozens of configuration steps into one single click.

Looking for Ways to Integrate Services into your Applications with Ease?

AppFog makes integrating services into your applications easy. Provision an Orchestrate database instance or deploy our Relational DB Service (RDBS) in seconds. You may also use Cloud Foundry's User-Provided Service capability to integrate with third party services such as databases, messaging services, and key-value stores.

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