Enterprises and large organizations are quickly adopting hybrid clouds in order to balance agility, cost of operations, and security requirements. Gartner predicts that 50% of all enterprises will use hybrid cloud by 2017. Public cloud offers a balance of agility and control for applications that require continuous development methodologies and flexible scaling, while private clouds provide extensive security and compliance features, as well as low cost models for steady capacity applications. Tying these models together requires thoughtful networking.

CenturyLink's Cloud Network Service is the unifying element tying public or private cloud together with dedicated hosting or colocation options into a hybrid cloud. It’s a robust Ethernet data center network service that is delivered in either a shared or dedicated model, with a menu of options carefully chosen to meet the needs of the vast majority of our customers.

In addition to providing connectivity amongst heterogeneous compute islands such as public cloud, colocation and dedicated hosting, Cloud Network Service provides the ability to chain enhanced services such as load balancers, firewalls and WAN services such as CenturyLink IQ, CenturyLink’s MPLS circuit products. (note: Cloud Network Service itself does not provide WAN capabilities.). Customers experience a significant reduction in the complexity and cost of private connectivity within a hybrid solution by using Cloud Network Service to access the entire hybrid cloud over a single WAN connection from their premises.

Cloud Network Service provides bandwidth choices, providing flexibility to accommodate customers who have a variety of application performance and data access requirements. Given that Cloud Network Service is a private network that you can configure for applications in the cloud that can access data in dedicated environments, many of the compliance requirements related to data access, storage and duration can be addressed through a colocation or hosted environment, while still providing the agility of the cloud. CenturyLink also offers security services that can be incorporated into the customer's networking solution to provide advanced protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, unauthorized access and other threats.

Cloud Network Service provides a truly seamless experience for customers, who simply need to provide their requirements and CenturyLink will take care of the rest, including cabling, for our managed hosting and colocation customers.

Cloud Network Services availability

Metro Area Cloud Node Data Center Availability
Santa Clara, CA, USA UC1 SC8/9 Now
Sterling, VA, USA VA1 DC2/3/4 Now
Toronto, ON, Canada CA3 TR1 Now
Seattle, WA, USA WA1/InterNAP SE2 Now
Chicago, IL, USA IL1/Equinix CH3 Now
Slough, UK GB3 LO1 Now
New Jersey, NJ, USA NY1/Equinix NJ2/NJ2X Now
Frankfurt, DE DE1/Equinix FR6 Now
Singapore SG1 SG1 Now
Reading, UK GB1/Peer1 LO6/LOND Now

Need more information or want to learn about alternatives? Go to this Knowledge Base article on Intra-Data Center Cross Connects Options with CenturyLink Cloud. We’ll also be publishing a subsequent post that will talk about scenarios for using other networking choices, such as CenturyLink IQ, Direct Connect and HAN.

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