Recently, we have been experimenting with ways to support all the APIs and services that cloud providers like Amazon offer, such as CloudFormation. As I mentioned before in a blog post, cloud providers bring innovation to market in the form of infrastructure APIs

CloudFormation Service Box

Today, Cloud Application Manager announces support for Amazon CloudFormation with the CloudFormation service box, which lets you use a template to quickly launch any Amazon service as a single stack or unit. With this new box service that has API support, you can consume all of Amazon’s services and capabilities. As IT operations, you can configure infrastructure that developers can directly consume.

Cloud Application Manager provides tools that enable your organization to exploit the full potential of Cloud computing. With CloudFormation support, IT operations can collaborate with developers at an unprecedented level of flexibility within the same product.

At Cloud Application Manager, we believe that being agile–being able to adapt to changes and adopt innovation is the new tenet of IT operations stability. We are committed to build the tools to resolve the complexities of software and cloud operations, be they straight or curved.


Integrated CloudFormation Application Deployment

With Cloud Application Manager, the instantiation of Cloud Formation and the deployment of the application are all part of a single, automated process – all from within Cloud Application Manager

Real-time Editing and Deployment of CloudFormation Templates in Cloud Application Manager

Even after an AWS instance has been created using a Cloud Formation template, Cloud Application Manager enables real time editing of that instance. Simply make changes to the instance and redeploy the CloudFormation template. All changes will be implemented in the new AWS instance. This process all takes place from within the Cloud Application Manager GUI.

Automatically Generate CloudFormation Templates

Cloud Application Manager automatically generates a CloudFormation template for every application deployed using Cloud Application Manager. For those applications where you want the fine-tuning power of CloudFormation, Cloud Application Manager can provide the CloudFormation based on the deployment profile.

You can learn more be signing up for Cloud Application Manager and start using AWS CloudFormation today!

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Cloud Application Manager is a powerful, scalable platform for deploying applications into production across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. It provides interactive visualization to automate application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time.

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