New Relic has become a real leader in website performance analytics, and CenturyLink Cloud is thrilled to incorporate this service, for free, into our Platform as a Service service. For each application deployed to Platform as a Service, regardless of the language/framework that the application was written in, New Relic captures deep information about response time, throughput and more. While we’ve put some of the most interesting statistics directly in the CenturyLink Cloud Control Panel for at-a-glance viewing, we also enable you to drill right through to the New Relic site and discover even more valuable metrics. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at how we’ve incorporated New Relic’s monitoring data into the CenturyLink Cloud Control Portal.

Previously, Platform as a Service users had a simple set of metrics about their running application(s) that included how much memory, CPU and storage was allocated for a given application.

![Platform as a Service Control Portal](/assets/images/blog/2012.06.NewRelicIntegration01.png)

This resource allocation information is important, but application owners also REALLY want to know how well an application is performing for their users! The **brand new Control Panel dashboard** shows a subset of the New Relic metrics that begin to give you a picture of an application’s health.

![New Relic Control Portal](/assets/images/blog/2012.06.NewRelicIntegration02.png)

You can now see advanced metrics like website response time, throughput (pages requested per minute), error rates, [Apdex]( and more. When you first create your Platform as a Service environment, **we automatically provision a New Relic account for you at no cost**. Therefore, when you click the “New Relic” button at the bottom of this page, we perform a single-sign-on with New Relic and drop you right into their feature-rich dashboard environment.

![New Relic Dashboard](/assets/images/blog/2012.06.NewRelicIntegration04.png)

From here, you can discover even more data points about a deployed application(s). You can drill into individual pages of the application and view a wide range of different reports.

![New Relic Menu](/assets/images/blog/2012.06.NewRelicIntegration05.png)

Interested in seeing how the client’s browser is spending its time requesting and loading your application? There’s a report for that.

![Client Browser Report](/assets/images/blog/2012.06.NewRelicIntegration06.png)

Curious as to the performance of the application for the global audience? There’s a report for that.

![Audience Performance Report](/assets/images/blog/2012.06.NewRelicIntegration07.png)

We at CenturyLink Cloud are very excited by this partnership with New Relic and we hope that you’ll find these advanced metrics extremely useful when monitoring and optimizing your PaaS applications deployed to Platform-as-a-Service.