There is nothing worse than getting that email or error warning you that provisioning has failed. And inevitably this happens at the very last stages of getting an environment automated.

You ask yourself: _What happened? Why did it fail? And then: Did I build my own logging? Did the person that built the orchestration provide logging (and, if so, where is it)?_

After asking yourself all of these questions, you realize that the orchestration/provisioning layer only shows you a simple “failure” message and no details of where it failed or why.


#### With Blueprints, even failure is amazing…

“Blueprints” is CenturyLink Cloud’s environment templating engine. It allows you to combine virtual machine templates, infrastructure tasks, script packages, and software packages to create a fully deployable environment—such as building a Microsoft Exchange server environment with just the click of a button.

The other Blueprint feature that is simply incredible is the debugging and details that you have access to when deploying a Blueprint. This includes access to not only the status of the deployment, but also the tasks being executed. If something fails, you know where and why. ![](/assets/images/blog/BP-1-252x300.png "Deployment Failure")

Here is an example of a blueprint being executed that fails on step 9 of 18. Normally this would be difficult to troubleshoot, but here it is reporting where it failed and what the error message is from the log.

When building your own Blueprint the feature gives you great debugging insight: you can test and see where your deployment is breaking down instead of just guessing what the problem is.

You can also restart tasks at any level to keep testing and make adjustments as needed. Here is an example an error in the log:

2012-02-02 15:53:25.9724 [Error] [vFabric Gemfire Install] - ./ line 4: /gemfire_install.expect: No such file or directory

2012-02-02 15:53:33.7689 [Error] [vFabric Gemfire Install] - Error building

2012-02-02 15:53:34.2220 [Error] [Build Server GEM] - Error building

2012-02-02 15:53:34.6907 [Error] [Root] - Error building

2012-02-02 15:53:35.0657 [Trace] [] - >>>>>>>>>> Blueprint completed with errors <<<<<<<<<<

![](/assets/images/blog/BP-2-252x300.png "Sub-task Failure") Tasks can contain sub-tasks, which would usually make for very complex troubleshooting. But with the Blueprints deployment system you will be able to view the tasks and the sub tasks that have completed or failed.

This is a great feature for doing complex deployments with advanced troubleshooting built right into the system.

These tools are available via CenturyLink Cloud&rsquo;s management control portal interface, or you can use our API to do deployments and management of the Blueprint layer.

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