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Certifications Recognize Our Commitment to Digital Transformation

November 6, 2018
By Jim Greene

In a business environment that has swiftly migrated to an iterative, continuously evolving model, CenturyLink strives to assist our customers through this digital transformation by providing the tools they need to communicate and thrive in a digital world.

That commitment has led us to be named both a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP Partner.

These certifications highlight our ongoing commitment to building robust services and delivering digital transformation to businesses on their cloud journeys. Our commitment to hybrid cloud, our recently enhanced suite of managed services, and the expansion of their availability continue to support today’s businesses as their work and workforces relocate to hybrid cloud.

Customers see this need to digitize their communications infrastructure and services, as well as other business functions, as a means to maintaining their competitive edge. We’ve responded by investing in robust communications solutions and integrating next generation partner technologies into our network; customizing solutions for enterprise, small business and government entities; and making data-intensive applications easier to consume, more reliable and more secure.

With over 450,000 route miles of fiber globally and operations in more than 60 countries, our Adaptive Network is the infrastructure foundation that can deliver virtual and...

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AWS MSP Partner Status Solidifies Confidence in CenturyLink Cloud

September 18, 2018
By Jim Greene

After recently achieving Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider status, CenturyLink was also named an Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP Partner. This partnership puts us among a select group of vendors that customers know and can engage with when consuming AWS services.

“We’re elated to receive this significant AWS distinction and confident it will help us continue serving a range of AWS use cases for our customers," said David Shacochis, vice president of product management. “This is a global certification that carries a significant cache in the market and with our joint customers.”

To earn this designation, CenturyLink met rigorous AWS Managed Service Provider Program requirements that were validated by a third-party auditor. The global program was developed in response to AWS customer requests to identify reliable vendors who could help them migrate, run and optimize AWS workloads.

By working with AWS, CenturyLink can provide a complete cloud services and cloud management portfolio that allows customers to have low-latency access to virtually endless AWS resources paired with dynamic, network-aware orchestration. The CenturyLink-AWS partnership validates our approach to cloud, especially with regard to Cloud Application Manager. Our hybrid cloud management platform allows companies to automate application deployments, optimize costs, scale workloads, and manage connections...

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Four Factors Fueling CenturyLink Cloud Growth in Europe

September 26, 2016
By Steve Falkus

cloud growth

Public cloud has been a part of global businesses for many years now, but there seems to be no stopping the growth of demand for innovative cloud services in Europe. The latest market forecast figures from IDC for Public Cloud Services in Western Europe suggests that the market is growing at more than 20% each year and will be worth almost $40 Billion by 2020. CenturyLink has experienced cloud growth in the European market as well. So, what is fueling the growth of public cloud in general, and CenturyLink Cloud®, in particular?

Hybrid IT Solutions

Enterprises continue to shift their on-premise data center assets into the cloud in pursuit of business agility, while moving to an Opex commercial model that scales IT costs in line with business growth. With virtually every industry being disrupted by digital innovators, established enterprises are moving applications quickly to the cloud as they accelerate their own digital business strategy.

CenturyLink has provided hosting solutions in Europe since 2002. With a focus on specific verticals including financial services, retail, legal, media, and technology, many of our clients have been with us for a number of years. Many clients started their hosting journey using Colocation and Managed Hosting services, then...

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How to Conquer the New IT: Cloud, Network, and Managed Services

August 4, 2016
By David Shacochis, VP, Product Management for Hybrid IT Services

The 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide was just released - download it here, and to most readers it looks similar to last year. Two vendors are in the leaders quadrant, a sole vendor in the visionary quadrant, while a peloton of other platforms rounds out the niche quadrant. We agree with this characterization of the market, and thought it would be helpful to add some clarity to our niche strategy that currently supports thousands of enterprise customers around the world with their digital transformation journey.

There is a subtle nuance to the public cloud market worth noting: nearly all the leading providers have some other line of business that complements (or subsidizes) their cloud services. In this regard, CenturyLink is no different.

As the title of the piece suggests, our focus is on helping customers transform their IT operations through a cohesive set of services that span cloud, network, and management. We’ve seen how this can overcome obstacles to digital transformation that the pure-play platforms cannot erase on their own.

Many service providers in the market are focused exclusively on innovating within the cloud services layer, and then partnering for managed services and network connectivity....

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CenturyLink Cloud Provides the Top Price & Performance Value in Europe

June 29, 2016
By Kevin Yurica


Cloud Spectator, an independent testing organization, recently reported the results of benchmark testing on cloud performance across nine of the largest, most well-known public cloud providers with data centers in Europe. Across this group of cloud providers that included Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, IBM and others, CenturyLink Cloud® had the highest CloudSpecs™ Score in the test and was recognized as the cloud service provider offering the highest overall value to customers. This pattern has played out before in similar studies.

For 2016, Cloud Spectator has focused industry attention on the considerable performance variability across otherwise similar product offerings from different cloud vendors with operations in Europe - and they note that this observed performance variability directly impacts the value delivered to cloud customers. Based on testing against all the major public cloud vendors with data centers in Europe, Cloud Spectator describes three common misconceptions about performance in the cloud:

  • VM performance is pretty much the same across different cloud service providers (CSPs).

    False. Cloud Spectator netted entirely different performance results given similar VM configurations from different cloud service providers.

  • When it comes to performance, you get what you pay for.

    False. In this study focused on performance, Cloud Spectator found no real correlation between price and performance.

  • Resource

  • ...

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    As the Cloud Turns

    January 15, 2016
    By Jim Battenberg - Director, Platform User Enablement


    The new year often brings about a time of reflection, coupled with an anticipation of what’s to come. Along those lines, we wanted to share with you some key highlights of 2015 and things to look forward to in 2016. 2015 was a busy year at CenturyLink Cloud, as we expanded our global presence, completed hundreds of product and feature launches on a 15-day cadence, and were recognized by industry experts as a leading cloud service provider.

    Leading Industry Analyst Firms Recognize CenturyLink's 2015 Cloud Achievements



    • Gartner granted us “Visionary” status in their annual Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. (1)

    • Gartner also named us a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Asia Pacific, 2015. (2)

    Platform Highlights of 2015



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    It’s That Time of Year Again: The 2015 Gartner Cloud Magic Quadrant

    May 18, 2015
    By Jared Ruckle

    The annual publication of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide1 is a report card of sorts for each vendor, handed out based on the reams of data Gartner collects from countless interviews and quantitative analysis.

    As we look in the rear-view mirror and evaluate our own performance over the last 12 months, two major themes stand out:

    Successful ‘table stakes’ execution

    To gain a significant chunk of the cloud market in the years to come, a provider must consistently:

    • Deliver operational excellence – meet and exceed SLAs for customers, including some of the world’s largest brands.
    • Rapidly develop new capabilities – we launched new services and features month after month. Further, the DevOps mindset is woven into our organizational philosophy and structure, so CenturyLink can continue to release early and often.

    Compete on price, specifically hourly compute – there’s far more to cloud costs than just the sticker price shown on websites. But the top vendors have demonstrated scale and efficiency with regular price drops. CenturyLink Cloud’s sticker prices – and bundled add-ons – make for a compelling and differentiated value prop.

    We believe CenturyLink passed these 3 tests, as did the others who faired well in the 2015 edition of the...

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    CenturyLink Recognized as a “Visionary” in the Gartner Cloud IaaS MQ

    April 30, 2014
    By Jared Ruckle, Product Management

    Plus 5 Observations on the Market Landscape

    Last year, we opined that the cloud market, based on our read of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, had grown up.  If 2013 was the year of maturity, 2014 is the year the market hit the gas.

    Download the Magic Quadrant reprint here, and take a look at the findings for yourself. You’ll notice that most vendors are lower and to the left than they were when the last MQ was published. This market raises the bar at a rapid pace – and only a handful of companies have been able to improve their standing by adding new features and new customers.

    Per usual, the cloud team at Gartner doesn’t take vendors at their word, but instead dives into each vendor’s product portfolio, while conducting countless customer interviews.  Their findings on CenturyLink?

    This is a brilliant summary of our platform.  Further, it reflects our slogan of “IT-Ready, Developer-Friendly.” Delivering a platform that delights both constituencies is our core focus.

    What about the future?

    With IT and developers in mind, we’re building our platform, 21 days at a time.  In the coming months, enterprises will consume managed services and other infrastructure products via the...

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    Cloud IaaS Price/Performance Benchmarking – Part 1

    October 7, 2013
    By Jared Ruckle, Product Marketing

    It’s difficult for businesses to compare so many diverse players in the cloud.  To make the task a bit easier, the team at Cloud Spectator recently issued a useful report: “IaaS Performance and Value Analysis.”  View it here, registration required to download.

    At CenturyLink Cloud, we’ve always claimed to be a “high performance” cloud (who doesn’t?), so it is nice to see this validated by a third party.  A summary of findings that brought a smile to our faces:

    • #1 “Performance Leader” for overall system results
    • #1 performance leader for Disk and RAM
    • #2 performance leader for CPU and internal networking

    My personal favorite passage:

    UnixBench highlights the significant system performance difference among the top providers in the IaaS industry. The highest and lowest scorers show a difference of 4.7x in system performance; CenturyLink Cloud’s average UnixBench score is 2998, while Amazon EC2’s is 642.

    Results in visual form (image edited to highlight CenturyLink Cloud):

    Cloud Spectator - Results Summary

    There was considerable public chatter about these results, and industry analyst Ben Kepes wondered if these types of reports even matter. Since price/performance is only a single dimension of a cloud’s value, how should a buyer and consumer of cloud services use this type of information?

    In Part 2, we’ll build on his train...

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    CenturyLink Cloud is a 2012 Magic Quadrant Visionary for Public Cloud Infrastructure

    September 23, 2012
    By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

    Company Recognized for its Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — October 22, 2012 ― CenturyLink Cloud, Inc., the enterprise cloud platform company, today announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. as a Visionary in the 2012 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service1. The Magic Quadrant depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner.

    CenturyLink Cloud offers a full featured, well-engineered platform with an easy to use self-service portal along with its innovative and ambitious product roadmap. Architected for the enterprise, CenturyLink Cloud’s trusted virtual private cloud solution puts companies on the path to IT as a Service without compromising on IT requirements.  The CenturyLink Cloud cloud offers a services fabric PaaS and advanced orchestration to enable agility for both greenfield and legacy applications as well as advanced management features that enhance IT operational efficiency, creating scale around our customers most valuable resource –people.

    Read the 2012 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service report.

    For the report, Gartner defines Infrastructure as a Service as a standardized, highly automated offering, where compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities, are owned by a service provider...

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    CenturyLink Cloud Recognized in the Magic Quadrant for the Public Cloud Infrastructure

    July 3, 2012
    By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

    Evaluation Based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — December 20, 2011 ― CenturyLink Cloud, Inc., the enterprise cloud platform provider, announced today that it has been selected by Gartner, Inc. for inclusion in the “Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.” “We believe this inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant for public cloud affirms what CenturyLink Cloud sees in the market: the growing demand for cloud offerings that serve unique customer communities. Our Enterprise customers expect a cloud platform designed for their unique needs — most notably high availability, security, disaster recovery, and advanced automation for IT agility,” says Adam Wray, CenturyLink Cloud CEO. “

    We consider our position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant evidence that CenturyLink Cloud is delivering a cloud platform for mission-critical applications and services to our Enterprise customers today and is well positioned to challenge for a leadership position in 2012. We are proud to be among the small number of leading providers selected by Gartner for inclusion in this report.” Gartner bases its evaluation on the “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.” Ability to execute measures the vendor’s financial viability, market responsiveness, product development, sales channels and customer base. Completeness of...

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    How Hybrid Cloud Computing Enables Business Agility

    July 3, 2012
    By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

    Increasing Operational Agility with Hybrid Cloud

    View more webinars from [CenturyLink Cloud, Inc.](

    Watch the replay above of our recent hybrid cloud webinar (presented in collaboration with VMware and Equinix) to learn more about the hybrid cloud and how it is enabling business agility. Then download CenturyLink Cloud’s hybrid cloud datasheet to learn how your business can take advantage of enterprise-grade hybrid cloud computing services.

    At this year’s Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner analysts revealed cloud computing as one of their top 10 strategic technologies for 2012 (calling out hybrid cloud in particular), marking the fourth year running that cloud computing has been named to this list. Gartner describes cloud computing as “a disruptive force,” with “the potential for broad long-term impact in most industries,” and notes that enterprises are now beginning to move past understanding the cloud to making decisions on implementation.

    The hybrid cloud is one cloud computing implementation model that allows workloads, applications, and virtual machines to be ported between public and private clouds as necessary. Because hybrid cloud “brings together external public cloud services and internal private cloud services, as well as the capabilities to secure, manage and govern the entire cloud spectrum,” Gartner says it will be a “major focus for...

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    Congrats to Our Amazing Customer – XSP CTO Dan Retzer! Named “Protostar” in SuperNova Competition

    July 3, 2012
    By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

    Congratulations are in order: Dan Retzer, the Managing Director and CTO of our customer and partner XSP, today was named a Constellation “Protostar” (probably the coolest award name we’ve ever heard) for “successfully apply[ing] emerging and disruptive technologies” within the company. Long recognized as the leader in automated end-to-end corporate Actions solutions, XSP became a semifinalist in the award’s Cloud Computing category by migrating its datacenter to CenturyLink Platform. Retzer’s cloud initiative included moving the complete production/build floor consisting of its source code repository, build tools (Cruise Control/SVN/Tortoise), and SCM systems to the cloud. The migration also included the XSP labs (Windows Server/SQL Server), document repository, and mission-critical file servers. According to Retzer, “Moving our infrastructure to the Cloud has given XSP a tremendous competitive advantage, from both an internal operations and client servicing perspective… CenturyLink Cloud was the only player in the space that offered a pure “Platform as a Service” cloud approach to infrastructure virtualization. We chose CenturyLink Cloud because they had the optimal blend of agility and scalability that we were looking for. It wasn’t just about picking a partner to rent us hardware or offer to manage it – we needed someone as forward-thinking as ourselves...

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