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Cloud Migration: Don't go it Alone

June 15, 2016
By Jonathan Townsend

Migrate to Cloud

There are many variables to consider when migrating from one platform to another. The whole process can be daunting; factors that directly affect business like associated costs, current and future states of software and data stores, and the decommissioning of physical properties, are a few of the considerations related to migration. Luckily for customers, CenturyLink makes cloud migration easier than ever.

Migration Made Easy

Depending on your business-specific needs, either as a new customer looking to migrate to a new cloud provider or as an existing customer who needs to migrate from a legacy platform (VPDC, OCC, CDC, or DCC), migration doesn't have to be overly-stressful. At CenturyLink, we have a team of experts that make migration smooth and less complicated. We encourage our customers to explore the CenturyLink Platform and familiarize yourself with the interface and, of course, let CenturyLink show you how to make cloud migration easy.

Don't Go it Alone

By getting in-touch with a cloud specialist, customers can find migration documentation with information and receive details on migrating to the CenturyLink Platform with free onboarding support. Our team of experts understand the need for companies to diversify their offerings across product and service lines while maintaining and providing customer support....

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Behind the Scenes: The CenturyLink Cloud Connect Experience

March 1, 2016
By Dana Bowlin, Product Owner

ConnectHave you ever wanted to have a forum where you can ask in-depth questions about how a company addresses similar issues that you experience within your business, and how other companies are keeping up with the rapid pace of change in IT services? Or have you wanted to attend a deep-dive tour into a specific technology, product, or service that goes beyond a web page experience? We created the CenturyLink Connect Team to provide just that. Not only for others to connect with us, but for us to connect with the IT community. The Connect Team provides a tailored experience for briefings, site tours, event support and speakers, technical learning workshops, and deep-dive sessions into sharing how the latest technologies are solving real-world business problems in the digital economy.

When the team began working with customers, partners, and prospects we noticed a common interest. Businesses were interested in the technical details of how we work, how others were solving problems, automation, integration, and trends seen within our customer base. To address this need we created the Cloud Briefing Center which opened in late 2014. We assembled the Connect Team to provide a real-world experience for sharing knowledge, enabling others to solve...

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Automation, Alice, and the Endeavor Towards Better Customer Service

February 25, 2016
By Jessica Weber

Customer Service Acronym Image

Customer service, or a company's lack of customer service, is a detail overlooked by many businesses. For example, think about the last time you called a credit card company's customer service line. After being routed through the standard "Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish" system of questions, you were connected to a representative. Depending on the reason for your call, you may have been transferred to several different representatives, each one trying to solve your issue using varying levels of background knowledge on the subject. This same scenario holds true for the customer service lines of most organizations, including IT help desks.

Make room for the CenturyLink Cloud Customer Care Team. The lead, Michael Talbert, has spent many years operating behind-the-scenes on customer service teams such as this. You may remember reading about Michael from this piece, which showcased his team and the ideas behind their formation and process. He's experienced the same frustration at the multiple-step process described above that may or may not end in a resolution of the problem. So, when he joined our team at CenturyLink, his first order of business was to build a team (and a process) that took the commonly-experienced frustration away. He...

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The Customer-Driven Cloud

February 22, 2016
By Michael Talbert


CenturyLink Cloud is focused on becoming the most customer-driven cloud service provider in the marketplace. While CenturyLink has always operated as a customer-driven company, we are passionate about continuously improving the way our customers – both current and prospective – interact with us.

Technology enables us to stay connected like never before and provides the opportunity to reduce the time and distance between us. So communicating with the most important asset we have, our customers, is only a few clicks away. Last quarter, we posted a blog about how CenturyLink’s approach to customer care is different. This quarter, we’re reinforcing the simple mechanisms that are available when you need help - and that we want to hear from you! In fact, we’ll take your question and respond to it -- even if you’re not yet a customer. Unlike some other cloud providers in the marketplace, customers and non-customers don’t need to pay us extra to ask questions.

Within the CenturyLink Platform, Cloud Products and Hosting organization, we manage our organizational structure to maximize customer and operational responsiveness and support agile product development, that is truly driven by customer feedback. We know that our success is predicated...

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CenturyLink Cloud Delivers a Paradigm Shift in Customer Care

September 28, 2015
By Lyza Latham

Michael Talbert, Customer CareWhat's so different about how CenturyLink Cloud approaches Customer Care? Well, just about everything.

I sat down with Michael Talbert, the mastermind behind all our Customer Care initiatives, to find out what makes this team so unique and so successful.

"We've approached the idea of supporting our customers from a whole new angle... It's about empathy, taking care of customers and solving problems. It's way more than just technical support."

Lyza Latham: Michael, tell me what’s the big difference in how CenturyLink Cloud approaches Customer Care?

Michael Talbert: One of the things that’s frustrating for customers, particularly technical customers, is having to explain a complex problem to someone who isn’t technical. The traditional industry approach to Technical Support is to initially have the customer speak with a generalist. If the generalist can’t solve the problem, the issue is escalated—sometimes in multiple, painful increments—to more and more technical tiers until eventually the problem is resolved. We take a totally unique approach, with three key differentiators:

  • We staff our team with senior service engineers who can handle 90% of issues at the first contact.
  • As long as the issue doesn’t require a code change, we should be able to resolve it within that first engagement.
  • Our interview and screening process puts the emphasis

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Important Update to CenturyLink Cloud Ticket Prioritization

April 17, 2015
By Richard Seroter

Effective immediately, a new ticket prioritization process is in place for incidents submitted to CenturyLink Cloud’s support team.

What is changing?

Our prioritization structure has simplified, to better reflect the type of incidents we receive from customers. In addition, the new structure reflects the different support tiers introduced several months ago.

What does this change mean for me?

This change is a minor modification to our internal incident handing process. The material impact to you is simplification of your support experience.

Why is this change taking place?

This change was implemented based on data received on submitted incidents, resolution times, customer feedback, and overall industry trends.

What is not changing?

Our SLAs and commitment to delivering a world-class customer experience.

Where can I get more information about this change?

This knowledge base article details the new changes. In addition, the process to request a ticket escalation remains unchanged. Please reach out to if you have any questions.


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