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Skynet - Urgent Incident Automation

January 24, 2017
By Jessica Weber & Chris Welkenstein

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Our Customer Care team at CenturyLink Cloud® is unconventional in many ways; one way is their use of internally-built automation that make their tasks simpler and more productive. They've got a whole list of scripts, tools, apps, and bots that they have developed to aid in their efficiency. The team has created these tools so that they can spend more time helping customers instead of performing repetitious tasks; their continuous improvement process helps them increase their pace and decrease their customer's time to resolution. One of these many tools is Skynet, a Slack bot and tool developed to orchestrate and handle the urgent incident requests received by the team.

Incident Identification

So, what classifies as an urgent incident? The accepted definition at CenturyLink Cloud is any incident that affects two or more customers or an entire product or service. These incidents are considered urgent because they have the capacity to affect a large amount of functionality for customers. The incidents take top priority with the Customer Care team responding throughout the incident to keep customers informed of the working status in a timely manner.

The Skynet bot was designed to officially announce and prepare these incidents by automating all...

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Secrets to Win Over DevOps Buyers

June 1, 2015

Buying Process

In its recent report, Tech Go-to-Market: How to Win With DevOps Buyers, Gartner Research looks at the buying process of DevOps-centered organizations. And Gartner makes an important point. For technology providers to sell to organizations with a DevOps culture, traditional sales approaches don’t fly. In fact, developers and operations teams—whose synergy we collectively call DevOps—eschew traditional marketing and sales pitches. They are so technically discerning that they sniff out marketing lingo from a real product offering. The real danger is they can shun a product forever when it comes from marketing or sales channels. So what’s the best way to win over DevOps teams?

Technology providers familiar with selling to traditional I&O (infrastructure and operations) teams find themselves on unfamiliar ground in a DevOps driven culture. A big change Gartner notes is that workloads increasingly migrate from the traditional datacenter to public or multi-cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, vSphere.

Gartner found that migrating workloads to the public cloud shifts decision-making power away from the traditional IT buyers to DevOps and agile practitioners. These personas include developers, DevOps managers, release managers, build/automation managers, and architects who influence buying decisions bottom-up. Moreover, DevOps philosophies and practices vary so much from one organization...

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What’s the Cost of Build Versus Buy DevOps?

May 5, 2015

Honey Comb

Nearly every business today relies on faster, innovative technology to succeed in the marketplace. How about the coffee you drink, or the movie you’re watching, or the phone on which you’re watching it? Name every business or walk of life. You can argue that technology serves to make it better. If DevOps helps deliver the best services and experiences to you, then should companies making the coffee, movies, and phones also make their own DevOps solutions?

I completely empathize with the challenges the developers and DevOps teams face in transforming a team or company from traditional development and delivery to an agile lifecycle. I experienced this firsthand at Trend. I led a business unit that acquired a SaaS company for online backup and storage; this young company updated and deployed code several times a day. It was painful to integrate their processes into ours. I wish Cloud Application Manager had been an option then. I cringe when I consider the time and costs of lost productivity, wasted development time, and delays in getting to market.

Faster Deployment Nirvana

Every day, I speak to several technology companies. Speed is at the top of their mind. They all experience the pain of not deploying and...

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