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Mastering the Digital Customer Experience at Dynatrace Perform 2017!

January 17, 2017
By Bob Stolzberg

digital customer

Dynatrace, a CenturyLink channel alliance partner, is hosting the largest peer-to-peer digital performance management event in the world, Perform 2017! Taking place February 6th–9th in Las Vegas, the event provides organizations a platform to explore how to transform their businesses and an opportunity to learn from top leaders in the digital performance and customer experience arena. The event includes 75 speakers, 60+ hands-on training sessions, and in-depth education and certification opportunities. Perform’s jam-packed thought leadership agenda includes industry-leading speakers who will share their expertise and provide how-to ways to help you shift your business to the cloud, master digital complexity, create waves within your industry, and, most importantly, delight your users and customers!

Attendees at Perform 2017 will learn:

• Performance and architecture validation with continuous integration

• Gaining business intelligence via PureLytics and big data

• Advanced eCommerce monitoring – Performance and business metrics

• Super charge your public cloud performance management

• Uncover your path to digital performance excellence – Six steps to success

And more!

Master Your Cloud Application Universe with Dynatrace and CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a proud diamond sponsor of Perform 2017. Our subject matter experts will be on-site covering...

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Jeff Sussna Workshop- Putting the Service In MicroServices

April 4, 2016
By Brandy Smith


We are excited to present a special evening with Jeff Sussna to discuss "Putting the Service in Micro-Services". The event will be hosted at our new Development Center in St. Louis on Wednesday, April 13th from 4pm to 7pm.

Jeff Sussna is an internationally recognized IT consultant and design thinking practitioner. He is known throughout the DevOps community for introducing DevOps to the importance of empathy. Jeff has nearly 30 years of experience in software development, QA, and operations, and has led projects for Fortune 500 enterprises, major technology companies, software service startups, and media conglomerates. He is the the author of Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT In the Digital Service Economy, and is a highly respected teacher, writer, and speaker on topics across the Agile/DevOps/Design Thinking spectrum.

At this event Jeff will cover:

• How to structure organizations to reflect the kind of systems they want to create • How to use continual redesign to have organizational flexibility for effective design • How to design and operate systems and organizations as continuous and inseparable

Jeff will explore the relationship between organizations and systems. He will delve into Conway’s Law. Melvin Conway made the observation that we are doomed to design systems that mirror the shapes of...

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Your Gateway to the Cloud - St. Louis Development Center Opens

March 11, 2016
By Brandy Smith

century link

How does a major telecom company become a leader in Cloud and Managed Services? It's the ability to adapt and change! In some companies it is common to find a corporate culture that is not only resistant to change, but discourages it -- not so with CenturyLink. The CenturyLink of today looks very different from even just a few years ago.

We're evolving strategically through key technology acquisitions, our cloud market presence, scalable on-demand solutions, and our MarketPlace Partner Program. Each acquisition brought on board technology that enables us to create new products, build next-gen services, and leverage partner offerings. We optimized customer care, contributed to the open-source community, and executed a Customer Driven Cloud philosophy that drives our Agile product cycles. We also built a Connect Experience to enable knowledge sharing in the communities. The next step? Build work environments that encourage a culture driven by innovation. As we like to say – it’s your platform in motion!

Building the Vision

In October 2014 we opened our Seattle Cloud Development Center. In March 2015 we built the Monroe Technology Center of Excellence. We are excited to announce another milestone of our long-term vision, our latest Development Center in St. Louis opened to the...

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CenturyLink St. Louis User Group Mobile App Launch with

January 25, 2016
By Bob Stolzberg

Pivotal LogoThis past November, the CenturyLink St. Louis User Group (#CTLSTL) hosted their second CloudWalk event. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, CloudWalks are technical events where our users and customers get together to experience our cloud platform in a hands-on, learning environment. While there, technical experts guide everyone, technical and non-technical alike, in a group development session.

At the CloudWalk, the focus was on showcasing how easily available and deployable the open-source Cloud Foundry instance is on the CenturyLink Platform via hands-on exercises. Every participant was encouraged to bring a laptop and dive into the development. We covered a lot of ground, starting with a set-up of the Cloud Foundry environment, followed by a tutorial on deploying applications and then managing and scaling apps within the environment. We also discussed how companies are using Cloud Foundry to help their businesses thrive. And of course, there were cool prizes and excellent food to go along with all the learning.

CloudWalk Learning Session

After the CloudWalk, the new #CTLSTL User Group held a launch party with help from sponsors -- Dynatrace and A10 Networks --to showcase some new local tech from Aisle411, introduce some community opportunities from CoderDojoSTL (kids programming), and listen to some incredible...

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Practice the Dark Art of Cloud Encryption

September 25, 2015
By Bob Stolzberg

Cloud Walk Info Graphic

The Terrace Rooftop at the Moonrise Hotel is about to be compromised — and then secured with CenturyLink Cloud encryption. Register and join us as we dive head-first into cloud security, compliance and encryption in a multi-tenant environment. Our partnership with Vormetric, a leader in data security solutions, has created an easily-deployable security solution that translates across platforms and environments and protects data wherever it is stored (even data that isn’t in our cloud). Our main goal is to provide a workshop—a place where people from different backgrounds and companies can come together to learn about security options.

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill presentation and speech; we expect you to earn your drinks and food (there will be plenty). Our Cloud engineers will provide you with a CenturyLink Cloud demo account and an educational license for Vormetric, and then it’s your turn to play (you’ll have to supply the laptop, of course). We will be there to walk you through every step, and we'll even have some cool prizes to hand out at the end of the session.

This workshop doesn’t require you to be a security expert in order to attend. We welcome all kinds of IT pros, novices and everyone in...

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CenturyLink Cloud Celebrates Pi Day with Pi Day Kids Hack Event

April 6, 2015
By Kimberly Bannerman, Director Cloud Evangelism Programs

Saturday, March 14, 2015 was one of the most epic version of “Pi Day” that most of us will see during our lifetimes. As everyone knows, when stretched to 31 decimal places pi is represented in decimal notation as 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 (whew!). When truncated, 3.14.15 gives us a few additional significant digits — enough to make any math enthusiast completely irrational!

To celebrate, CenturyLink Cloud organized an afternoon for young people in our technology community — helping them learn to “hack” on miniature Raspberry Pi units and learning software development practices with Seattle CoderDojo. The event was an idea that CenturyLink Cloud’s CTO, Jared Wray had been considering for over a year. Jared has 3 boys, and they have built projects using the Raspberry Pi units at home. Once the CenturyLink Cloud Development Center opened in Bellevue, WA, the event had a home.

"These days, I often find myself looking back to my childhood and using a computer for the first time. I remember placing my hands on that keyboard and thinking of all the things that I could do and create — like wielding a magical sword. Coding is more than just telling computers what to do for kids, it is showing...

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Platform Team Hack House 2014

November 11, 2014
By @nathanyoung, Creative Director

The CenturyLink Platform Team recently spent two weeks together in the city of St George in Southwest Utah. In what’s become an annual event, the team—including developers, testers, product managers and design—stayed in the “Hack House” to work on our Cloud Platform, as well as get to know each other outside the confines of our beautiful new office. By spending the time to connect with each other, we build trust and empathy, which enables us to interact and collaborate at a higher level. We’re firm believers that if you actually like your coworkers, you’ll be happier and do better work because of it. The Hack House is a great way to forge this bond.

Some of the team at the top of AngelAt the top of Angel’s Landing

However, just because we went away to sunny and dry Southwest Utah, doesn’t mean we spent the whole time hiking in Zion National Park. The focus of the development iteration centered around new role based access controls and feature flags for individual data centers, which will be released tomorrow. Still, during down time everyone took advantage of what the area had to offer, from hiking, photography, and mountain biking, to fixing that bug that always bothered you but never had time for...

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Inside Look at CenturyLink Cloud Development Center

August 30, 2014
By Guest post by Joe Kanagusuku, Global Account Manager

Cloud. It’s a disruptive force. Here in Seattle some may think of it only in terms of weather, but at CenturyLink we know it’s something much greater and its impact on our organization is being felt company wide. It’s been less than a year since CenturyLink acquired Bellevue-based Tier 3 and branded it CenturyLink Cloud. At the time we announced our plans of opening the Cloud Development Center in the Seattle area, saying “Tier 3’s products, roadmap and vision are now the foundation of CenturyLink’s cloud strategy and anchor the new Seattle-based CenturyLink Cloud Development Center.”

Why Seattle? It turns out Seattle is the center of the cloud universe. Forbes ranked it the best city for tech jobs. We all know that Amazon has an enormous campus in South Lake Union, Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, but did you know Google’s development center for cloud is based in Seattle and Kirkland? And, since the entire country believes it rains here 24/7, can you think of a more natural place for the Cloud Development Center to be placed?

Officially opening on October 14th, the CenturyLink Cloud Development Center encompasses almost 30,000 square feet in Bellevue, WA. Beyond its partnership with CenturyLink Field –...

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A Watershed Event for Cloud:  Managed Services On Demand

May 18, 2014
By Jared Wray, CTO of Cloud

We are in the business of solving real problems. That’s what our customers expect.  And today, we are announcing a new managed service that does just that.  Today we are introducing a cloud-based managed services offering that will help corporate managers minimize costs, complexity and risk while increasing agility and freeing budget for capabilities that transform the business and create competitive differentiation.  At CenturyLink, we believe that one of the most significant measures of problem solving is doing what we do best – managing the infrastructure that underpins the critical business initiatives of our clients and infusing that management with the automation and economics of our cloud platform.  Combined, those two elements deliver a value that no other provider can compete with today.  Infrastructure and people to run that infrastructure on-demand, paid for by the hour. Simply put, we are making cloud easier to manage for our customers.

We all know that Cloud is crossing a threshold into a new level of enterprise adoption possibilities. Enterprises now consider the cloud to be a basic necessity; a core element of their IT portfolios.  The challenge, however, is that most cloud platforms still operate on the do-it-yourself basis as cloud providers have...

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Gartner Symposium, The Digital Industrial Economy, and Web-Scale IT

September 22, 2013
By Jared Ruckle, Product Marketing

I went to my first Gartner Symposium last week for a big picture view of the intersection between business and IT. Symposium is billed as “the one show to go to if you only go to one show a year.” As such, my expectations were high.  It did not disappoint.

Keynote speakers, most notably Peter Sondergaard, in full prophet mode, discussed the disruptive nature of new cloud architectures, the Internet of Things, and 3D printing.  These trends, combined with other socioeconomic factors, would bring about the “Digital Industrial Economy.”

He then offered this choice to today’s IT executive: either enable your enterprise to thrive in the Digital Industrial Economy, or be relegated to caretaker of legacy systems while other roles lead the transformation.

The unease in the audience was palpable.  Squirming continued as he discussed a simple graphic on-screen: 90% of CIOs believe they are doing a good job, while 50% of CEOs say they need more from IT.  The keynotes set the tone for the rest of the conference.  Clearly, Gartner is advising clients to do more, and think bigger.

Our first analyst meeting the next day reinforced this.  The Gartner research team focused on “Web-Scale IT” mentioned that many clients are asking...

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CenturyLink Cloud Hack House

September 21, 2013
By Mai Hoang

Last month, CenturyLink Cloud rented a house in St. George, Utah to provide our engineers time to collaborate – they coded their hands off and had fun while doing so!

We asked our Sr. Software Engineer, Mr. Matthew Osborn (@osbornm), about his time at the Hack House and what he found most rewarding about the experience. His highlights:

  • Time spent solving problems. Often problems, especially big ones – related to computer science, engineering, or anything for that matter - take hours of work to solve. Having more than the standard 8-hour day to think about and solve these problems is amazingly helpful. Yes it’s a lot of work, and it sucks some of the time, but you can do some truly awesome stuff.
  • Time spent with the team. In a normal setting, you come to work do your job and then go home. You interact with your coworkers on a purely work-related level. Living with these same people changes that dynamic, and you are forced to build relationship that you otherwise would never choose to make. Interacting with folks on not just a work level but on a social level helps you understand their thinking and ultimately can really improve collaboration.
  • Time spent on

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Five Things I Learned From Attendees at the Microsoft WPC Conference

June 19, 2013
By Richard Seroter, Senior Product Manager. Find Richard on Twitter

Last week, CenturyLink Cloud attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, TX and hosted a booth where hundreds of attendees stopped by to talk about the cloud. Besides seeking what one attendee called “the best t-shirt from any conference, ever”, most people wanted to have a discussion about how the cloud could positively impact their business. With over 15,000 attendees from over 150 countries represented, this conference offered us a prime opportunity to hear about the interests and needs of a diverse audience.

Over the course of four days, I noticed a theme among the conversations I had with software vendors, Managed Service Providers, consulting companies, and even Microsoft themselves!

#1 - We’re past the “cloud 101” discussion

It appears that a vast majority of technical staff now understand the basics of the cloud value proposition. There was no “what is this cloud thing people are talkin’ about?” types of questions from any of the attendees. Rather, the questions and conversations were more nuanced as Microsoft partners were trying to figure out how they could capitalize on the cloud, and where the cloud was forcing them to change their existing set of products and services. Most people understood that the cloud brings...

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Six Interesting Things from Cloud Connect

March 10, 2013
By Jared Ruckle

Cloud Connect, last week in Santa Clara, offered an insightful look on the state of the industry, with perspectives from analysts, big name vendors, and startups.  Here are a few things that caught our eye in the week that was.

The Enterprise Cloud Adoption Survey Summary from Everest Group.  Done in conjunction with the organizers of Cloud Connect, the survey of 3 segments (cloud buyers, cloud service providers, and cloud advisors) offers a reality check on where the market is today, compared to the future-looking perspectives that are common in emerging spaces like this one.  One of the more interesting highlights that mirrors our experience:

Public cloud providers may need to modify their communication on the cost benefits of adoption from a pure cost/unit conversation to one that is more focused around lower TCO and ROI

The findings also paint a positive picture for platform-as-a-service (PaaS), indicating that a strong majority of survey respondents are already using PaaS, or plan to in the near future.  Check out the whole survey here.

Q&A with Joe Weinman of Telx.  Against conventional wisdom, Joe has long predicted that hybrid clouds will be the eventual end state of cloud computing.  Our own Richard Seroter catches up with Joe,...

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Pick a Size, Any Size: How Choice in VM Capacity Empowers Customers

January 16, 2013
By Richard Seroter, Senior Product Manager. Find Richard on Twitter

One size definitely doesn’t fit all. Nearly every cloud infrastructure provider gives their customers a choice of virtual machine configurations.These configurations often take the form of pre-defined “buckets” of VM attributes, so fine-grained choice is still not really an option. But does this really matter?

At CenturyLink Cloud, we think it does, and our customers do too. Instead of asking our customers to decide between a set of vendor-specified instance sizes, CenturyLink Cloud encourages customers to provision machines with any combination of processors, memory, and storage that best fits their needs.

There are at least three benefits we see to offering in-depth customization of virtual machines attributes.

Meet the hardware requirements of pre-packaged software without over-provisioning. The cloud isn’t just for custom web applications. vmsizing01Many users want to run commercial-off-the-shelf software in a cloud environment and apply vendor-recommended hardware sizing guidelines. Whether you’re installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (recommended hardware: 4+ cores and 8+ GB of RAM per web server), or the Adobe Creative Suite (recommended hardware: 16 cores, 16 GB of RAM), each application will have its own battle-tested preferences. One choice would be to fit the packaged software into the “best fit” instance size offered by a cloud...

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Plinko and Product Launches at VMworld 2011

July 3, 2012

It’s Day 1 of VMworld, and the CenturyLink Cloud team has finally touched down in Vegas! After months of preparation, we’re so excited to share what we’ve been developing with the rest of the industry. Curious what we’ve been up to in our Bellevue, WA headquarters?

  • Announced Environment Engine, our next-gen cloud deployment automation toolset
  • Designed our new tee-shirts (now with 100% more stick figure)
  • Announced the release of our new Client Backup app and service for enterprises
  • Played lots and lots of Plinko—best the falling puck or watch a demo at Booth 213 and you could win one of those great tee-shirts mentioned above

But VMworld isn’t all fun and games and product launches. With our solutions engineers, marketing, and business folks attending the event, we’re looking forward to brushing shoulders with the best and brightest in the cloud industry. Would you like to meet up with a CenturyLink Cloud team member at the event? Stop by Booth 213 for a demo of our Enterprise Cloud Platform—or to schedule a brief meeting with one of our executives, call Callie Sherrard at 206.724.2505 or email We look forward to seeing you over the next few days!


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Seattle Tech Scene is Hot, So We’re Cooling off with a Round of Golf

July 3, 2012

We’ve had a cooler-than-normal summer, but tech is clearly hot in Washington! (Check out this recent TechFlash article, where our CEO Adam Wray says there’s a “quarter of a trillion dollars” waiting on the sidelines for enterprise cloud computing alone.) Demand alone, however, doesn’t suddenly create a successful startup culture, as shown by Gist’s terrific Seattle tech scene infographic. Engineering talent, professional service providers, and locally-focused investors—like our own funding partners Madrona Venture Group and Ignition Partners—are just a few of the key ingredients that have helped make Washington a hotbed of innovation over the years. As a new way to contribute to the vibrant local business community that we serve and interact with everyday, CenturyLink Cloud recently joined the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), and we’re looking forward to brushing up on our chip shot at their annual golf open on July 25th. Want to meet the team? Come say hello—we’ll be the cloud guys with balloons full of great prizes at Hole 6. See you out on the green!


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Come See CenturyLink Cloud at Cloud Connect Santa Clara!

July 3, 2012
By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

The time has come at last for the CenturyLink Cloud team to make the (not so) long and (potentially) perilous journey to Santa Clara for UBM TechWeb’s Cloud Connect conference. Read on to learn about the sessions and tracks we’ll be leading, where you’ll find the CenturyLink Cloud team, and what you can do to pick up a free expo pass and discounted tickets.

First up: in a free session, Cloud Foundry’s James Watters and Jared Wray from the Iron Foundry team at CenturyLink Cloud will discuss open PaaS services for enterprise developers. They’ll give a live demo from the stage and share the best practices they’ve learned from real experiences deploying PaaS on a public cloud—which you can take and apply today to your organization’s private cloud. Read more about the session here.

But that’s not all… Explore the performance potential of cloud computing at Cloud Connect’s Performance and Availability track—chaired by CenturyLink Cloud VP Wendy White and featuring speakers from XSP, Zynga, and CFN. Wendy’s blog post summarizing each of the track sessions will help you plan out which sessions to attend as well as reveal the hidden connections shared by natural disasters, race cars, and high-stakes trading. Intrigued? Check...

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Join CenturyLink Cloud at Cloud Expo – Our Treat!

July 3, 2012
By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

Join us from November 7 – 10 in Santa Clara, CA at this year’s Cloud Expo. As our gift to you, we are giving away a number of VIP tickets to the event—learn how to get claim your tickets at the bottom of this post. On Day 1 of the Expo, CenturyLink Cloud’s CEO Adam Wray will be presenting a live case study with HighJump Software and Equinix starting at 4:55 P.M., exploring how HighJump entered the on-demand warehouse management market by turning to the enterprise cloud. HighJump wanted to be a leading provider of cloud-based WMS without having to develop, host and manage a cloud platform internally—while still maintaining flexibility, speed, and the ability to scale up quickly to meet end user demands. At this session, attendees will learn how sophisticated cloud technologies were leveraged and deployed to change the way manufacturers and warehouses realize supply chain efficiencies. (Read all the session details here.)

To claim your free VIP tickets to this event, follow @Tier3 on Twitter and tweet out a link back to this post. Be sure to mention @Tier3 in your tweet, so we can track your entry. The first participants will receive a free ticket to the...

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