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Use Cloud CDN services for websites and applications when better performance and reduced latency are essential.

CenturyLink offers Cloud CDN services to enable organizations to deliver content from a global network of caching servers. This means that content (like images, videos and stylesheets) is pushed to users from the servers closest to them, instead of being pushed from a centralized location. This approach significantly improves the user experience, reducing load times and boosting the overall performance of web and other Internet-based apps. Deploy our CDN services for object or whole-site delivery, or rich video streaming.

Web Acceleration

Increase performance of sites and applications by offloading the delivery of static objects to our CDN Services. Use caching servers deployed in data centers around the globe to host images, stylesheets and other static content. This approach reduces download times, and keeps other resources focused on more dynamic workloads. Supports HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

Streaming Media Delivery

Provide a rich experience for streaming on-demand content while reducing buffering and jitter. Supports multiple formats including Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and HTTP Streaming for Apple iPhone and iPad.

SSL Private Certificate

Enable SSL acceleration and delivery with CDN Services, while serving from your own domain (vs. using a CDN-provided wildcard certificate). This approach allows organizations to provide their own certificate (or a third-party certificate) to be published to Cloud CDN delivery points.

HTTP/S Delivery

HTTP and HTTPS CDN delivery

$0.15 / GB
Streaming Media Delivery

On-Demand Content Streaming via supported media server platforms

$0.15 / GB
CDN SSL Delivery with Private Cert

Per domain (Does not include HTTPS delivery.)

$260 / month

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