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Managed Services Anywhere

Monitoring and administration services for any infrastructure — physical or cloud.

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Managed Services Anywhere is a key component of Cloud Application Manager, a platform enabling customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds. A software-defined managed services experience where entire cloud provider environments such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud and CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation are fully managed. This per-provider service includes Cloud Optimization & Analytics, Application Lifecycle Management, and designated Technical Account Management.

On-Demand IT Management

Managed Services Anywhere includes monitoring, patching and remote administration via automation by certified IT professionals. Services may be deployed on any cloud environment. Includes a monitoring, disaster recovery, backup, managed provider support, patching, optimization, analytics, and comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Easily engage with CenturyLink for optional additional services such as IT Consulting and Advanced Managed Services.

Managed Services Anywhere improves business agility

IT Expertise On-Demand

With access to CenturyLink's 365x24x7 Global Operations Support Center, customers spend less time on IT management by managing tasks for apps and instances on any cloud or infrastructure. Center team members will quickly manage customer services, handle support calls and troubleshoot issues.

Maximum uptime by leveraging Managed Services Anywhere.

Minimize Failures and Downtime

Trust CenturyLink's experienced and accountable Managed Services teams to deliver end-to-end solutions to your IT challenges and eliminate or dramatically reduce failures and downtime.

Managed Services Anywhere improves business agility

Improve Business Agility

Leverage CenturyLink's certified experts to take the heavy lifting — securing networks, managing infrastructure, and streamlining application tasks in any environment – regardless where is physically located – to decrease bottlenecks to production. Gain the same benefits whether your infrastructure is on-prem, on externally hosted on physical servers, or on any cloud platform.

Managed Services Anywhere helps save on operational overhead

Save on Operational Costs

Reduce operational overhead — particularly when it comes to expensive specialized IT staffing — so your businesses can focus on market expansion, improved customer experiences and developing new business models for a competitive advantage.

Managed Services Anywhere Features

  • Enable modeling of applications, workloads and cloud infrastructure services
  • System deployment verification
  • Confirmation of post-deployment functionality
  • Post-deployment application deployment verification
  • Confirmation of install and basic functionality of OS, application components and native cloud service
  • Perform configuration management on managed device via remote administration
  • Maintain version control of deployed VMs, application and services
  • Proprietary service collects and track metrics, monitors log files and sets alarms with CloudWatch integration
  • Deeper context for fluctuating metrics through anomaly detection, forecast and predictive monitoring
  • Dashboard view of policies and alerts on all managed devices, applications and services
  • Graphing of performance data for managed devices, applications and services
  • 14-day historical performance data retention
Patching & Maintenance
  • Available for all critical and vendor-recommended patches
  • Change Management integration automatically suppresses alerts during maintenance
  • CenturyLink certifies, approves, bundles and delivers Service Packs, updates and hotfixes for installation in Customer’s environment
  • Routine maintenance performed only during off-peak maintenance windows
  • Automated or manual remediation to issues initiated in response to monitoring alerts
  • Access to 24x7 Global Operations Support Center, 24x7x365
  • Support for licenses provided by customer and native cloud platforms
  • 365x24x7 availability to perform systems administration tasks
  • CenturyLink maintains administrator-level access to all instances within the managed provider

Use Cases

Cloud Application Manager's Managed Services Anywhere eases migration
Streamlining Cloud Migration

Migration is one of the single most problematic challenges IT departments face. Applications outgrow the original infrastructure they were deployed on. Technologies change and need to be updated or replaced. Cost considerations may also play a role in driving the decision to migrate from one type of infrastructure to another. Minimize the pain with Managed Services Anywhere.

Cloud Application Manager can be an extension of your IT Staff
Minimize IT Staff Distractions

Cloud Application Manager's Managed Services Anywhere delivers certified engineers and knowledgeable support staff at-the-ready to monitor performance, and ensure security across your infrastructure, wherever it resides. This frees up your IT staff to focus on delivering business value, without the unnecessary distraction of administrative busy work.

“We reduce errors because [Cloud Application Manager] helps us maintain dependencies consistently with a single source of management. From one place... we provision the frontend and backend services."

— Henri Cook, Engineering Manager at Rightster


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