Cloud Application Manager Customer Success Stories: Pramata

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Cloud Application Manager helps Pramata optimize business performance


No two cloud strategies or IT transformation projects are exactly the same. To effectively implement a hybrid IT or multi-cloud strategy, many customers recognize the need for expert guidance.

When Pramata, a California-based commercial relationship operations company, migrated from legacy platforms to a multi-tenant cloud platform, it chose the expertise of CenturyLink’s architects and IT Services and Consulting team to help make its digital transformation successful. CenturyLink assisted in the design of Pramata’s new cloud-based infrastructure and deployment of AWS services, building it from the ground up and utilizing CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager to manage the new AWS environment.

Leveraging private, public clouds

“Until recently, we had a private cloud-based infrastructure that we used to service all of our customers. We were looking for a way to leverage our private cloud with public clouds and create a seamless transition for our enterprise customers,” said Praful Saklani, Pramata Founder and CEO. “Cloud Application Manager has been an integral part of helping us do that.”

Intuitive tools, expert services

Pramata focuses on helping clients identify ways they can maximize revenue, increase profitability and reduce risk in their business relationships. CenturyLink delivered a combination of intuitive tools through Cloud Application Manager, as well as hands-on expert services that helped the company set up environments to manage workloads and cloud infrastructures through an automated platform.

“CenturyLink cloud experts helped design a state of the art production cloud environment for us on AWS and leveraged Cloud Application Manager to help us implement it,” said Pedram Abrari, Pramata CTO. “We used the CenturyLink Managed Security Service to make sure our clouds are highly secure and that we can detect any possible intrusions and deal with it effectively.”

End-to-end orchestration

Cloud Application Manager facilitates customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds. By utilizing the platform's inherent features—including Application Lifecycle Management, as well as Managed Services Anywhere and deployment of CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC), CenturyLink Private Cloud on vmWare Cloud Foundation, Azure, or AWS cloud instances—customers can manage any infrastructure from a single interface.

“The implementation of Cloud Application Manager was highly effective. The product is designed to be used by people who aren’t deep Dev Ops experts,” Abrari said. “That really helped us because it helped our IT team transition to becoming Dev Ops people practically overnight.”

Skilled technical support

But a successful transformation depends on more than just the platform. CenturyLink's skilled technical teams are also available to support customer success across a seamless continuum. Customers can remain entirely self-service, or elect to engage us for simple or complex consultative implementations.

“They helped us design a world class state of the art production cloud environment in just under three months. It would have taken us easily a year to be able to achieve that, so the time to market was a huge win,” Abrari said. “They brought expertise to the table that we didn’t have and helped us get there very quickly.”


While Pramata expects its digital transformation to reduce operational costs, implementing a multi-cloud solution brings more benefits in infrastructure flexibility and reliability.

“We estimate that it will help us save about 25 percent of our annual cloud operations costs through the optimizations we gain through it, not only through productivity but by making sure that we leverage all of our cloud instances properly,” Abrari said.

That combination prepares Pramata for both its current and future cloud needs.

“The growth that we see ahead of us is tremendous and explosive. That’s why we’re always focused on ensuring that our technologies are keeping up with the breakneck pace of growth,” Saklani said. “That’s why our CenturyLink partnership has been so productive. It sets us well now, and for many years to come.”

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About Pramata

Pramata Corporation provides an on-demand contracts intelligence software platform that enables corporations to analyze and report on the complex and unstructured information in contracts. The company’s platform is used by enterprises to manage risk, improve contractual and regulatory compliance processes, maximize revenue opportunities, protect existing revenue, integrate acquired business units, and increase operational efficiency.

“The implementation of Cloud Application Manager was highly effective. The product is designed to be used by people who aren’t deep Dev Ops experts. That really helped us because it helped our IT team transition to becoming Dev Ops people practically overnight.”

— Pedram Abrari, CTO, Pramata

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