Cloud Application Manager Support

Count on our expert support team to facilitate your cloud management efforts.

Contacting Support

Expert support is included with Managed Services Anywhere. The price you pay is based on a graduated percentage of your infrastructure spend.

For Platform Advisory Support, CenturyLink provides basic advisory support for downstream cloud services that are purchased through CenturyLink (i.e., Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services). Pricing transitions from flat-tier pricing to a graduated calculation based on where your total spend lands.

Ways to Contact Support

Email us at for technical support for a response within 6 hours.

Or call us at:

  • United States: 1-888-638-6771
  • EMEA: 00800 72884743
  • Canada: 1-866-296-5335
  • Asia Pacific: +65 6768 8099
  • Latin America:

Links are also provided within the Cloud Application Manager portal to open a ticket with a response time of less than 6 hours.

Cloud Application Manager Support Matrix

  Managed Services Anywhere Platform Advisory Support Cloud Optimization & Analytics Advanced Services Engagement

Technical Problem Resolution Support

24x7 access to Support Engineers via email, phone and trouble ticket for functionality issues with the Cloud Application Manager Platform

X X X X2

Configuration Advisory Services

  • Shared support team available for advisory requests
  • Basic remote guidance on provisioning and integrating multiple service combinations

NOTE: Advanced Services recommended for in-depth architectural solution design, multi-service integrations and dedicated account management
X X X X2

Customer Service and Communities

24x7x365 access to Global Operations Support Center, documentation, whitepapers, and online Azure and AWS support forums

X X X X2

Best Practices

  • Support for answering general how-to questions on Managed Services Anywhere, Platform Advisory Support, Application Lifecycle Management, and Cloud Optimization & Analytics processes
  • Access to full set of AWS Trusted Advisor checks
  • Basic advisory guidance for implementing Azure services. In-depth Advanced Services will be required
X X X X2

Technical Account Management

Available for unlimited customer inquiries and can be reached between 8am-6pm local time to designated resource. Outside of this timeframe, customers contact support center directly and the account manage will engage during the next operating window is open.

  • Designated account management resources that are pooled and available for unlimited customer inquires
  • Proactive planning for service growth and implementations. Includes advisory guidance and recommendations for technical solutions
  • Manages support escalations
  • Addresses billing, utilization and reporting inquiries

Hours of Availability: 8am – 7pm EST

If TAM guidance and service is needed outside of the availability window for immediate issues, customers should contact the Global Operations Support Center directly. Once the TAM is online, they will engage and facilitate the issue through resolution.


Health Status and Notifications

  • Support for answering questions on modeled applications and status updates on services being managed by the CenturyLink Global Operations Support Center
  • Access to AWS Personal Health Dashboard
  • Technical support for Azure service issues via Resource Health

Orchestration Software Platform

  • Install and setup configuration (admin console and providers)
  • Software support and issues with update packages

Building Applications & Deployment

Cloud (SaaS) and Data Center (Virtual Appliance)

  • Support includes troubleshooting application modeling and deployment on the Cloud (SaaS) or Datacenter (virtual appliance) versions
  • Includes best practices and support for integration with 3rd party development tools
  • Troubleshoot policies, templates, scripts and application configurations
  • Support for troubleshooting Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) plug-in
  • Problem resolution

Third-Party Software Support

  • Interoperability & configuration guidance and troubleshooting
  • Help with Azure and AWS operating systems and configuration and performance of popular 3rd party software components on the cloud provider
  • Guidance with helping customers build integrated 3rd party technology boxes (Advanced Services needed for CenturyLink to build 3rd party boxes)

Managed Services

  • Monitoring of OS instance — configure alerts and thresholds, define services to be monitored and 24x7x365 response to alarm tickets
  • Patching of OS instance — best practices, roll-back support, and coordination of patch deployments
  • 24x7x365 service problem resolution and answer questions on service performance
X X X2

Billing, Cost and Spend Analytics

  • Insight via detailed billing questions
  • Guidance on usage, utilization and questions on cost savings recommendations
  • Policies, permissions, users and dashboard reports
  • Recommendations on log/health monitoring, security best practices on Azure/AWS services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services1

All services within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform (IaaS and PaaS) except Marketplace technologies. No limitation on services.


AWS Cloud Services1

All services within the AWS cloud platform (IaaS and PaaS) except Marketplace technologies.


1CenturyLink will contact Azure and AWS if escalation is needed via direct partnership agreements
2Able to subsume other Cloud Application Manager services on customer’s behalf
NOTE: This service is delivered in English only.

Case Severity & Response Times

Cloud Application Manager Support includes 24x7 access to Support Engineers via email, phone and trouble ticket for functionality issues with the Cloud Application Manager Platform.

P1: Urgent

Response Time: Immediately

P2: High

Response Time: 1 Hour

P3: Medium

Response Time: 2 Hours

P4: Low

Response Time: 4 Hours

Must initiate via phone. Critical business impact with full site, environment and/or service down. Customer cannot perform business critical functions.

Status Update Frequency: Every hour.

Partial site, environment and/or service outage. Customer may be experiencing degradation of service or loss of resilience.

Status Update Frequency: Every 4 hrs.

Incident with non-business impact. Site, environment or service experiencing minor issues. A system component may have failed. No degradation of service.

Status Update Frequency: Every 24 hrs.

Incident with non-business impact. No site, environment or service issues but low-level incident required to investigate minor issue.

Status Update Frequency: Every 48 hrs.