Cloud Firewall Services

Keep your data secure with a dedicated firewall, deep-packet inspection and routing services.

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Customize your managed firewall to connect networks within a data center, or across data centers.

Protected Data Traffic

Every customer account receives one or more dedicated VLANs secured by zone-based cloud firewalls that protect customer traffic.

High Performance

Your dedicated cloud firewall will support up to 2 Gbps for Internet-facing traffic and up to 6 Gbps between VLANs.


Intrusion Detection (IDS), Prevention (IPS) Systems and anti-DDoS are provided by best-in-class Juniper hardware.

Custom Cloud Firewall Policies
Set Custom Cloud Firewall Policies within a Single Data Center

Design sophisticated intra-data center firewall policy rules that permit network traffic over specific ports between individual accounts and VLANs.

Cloud Firewall Portal
Set Custom Policies across Multiple Data Centers

Use cross-data center firewall policy rules to securely connect networks in geographically distributed CenturyLink Cloud data centers.

Use Cases

Securely Segment Accounts

CenturyLink Cloud firewall policies let customers build multi-tier network topologies that securely segment account networks.

Link Global Data Centers

Link data centers and design your own application-level disaster recovery architecture.

Communicate Across Accounts or Apps

Selectively expose data or systems included in a parent account VLAN to applications residing in specific sub-accounts. Alternately, create cloud firewall policies that allow a parent account to communicate with servers in all sub-accounts.

Private VLAN (Primary) Included
Private VLAN (additional)

1 VLAN is automatically included with each account.

$45 / month
Optional Services

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