Together, the Cloud Application Manager platform and Managed Services Anywhere deliver the best of both machine automation and human interaction.

Automation by the Numbers

Lumen leverages a wide range of industry-leading tools and open-source technologies to deliver managed hybrid cloud services. Our automation capabilities are continuously evolving to mirror the new cloud execution venues for enterprise applications. This means investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methods for additional early detection and issue prevention.

The numbers tell the story of the breadth and scope of ML and AI at play

Monitoring Tools

Lumen's monitoring tools receive approximately 20 million events per day from 35,000 threshold monitors and 9,000+ log events. They work across managed cloud, hybrid IT infrastructure and hosted application environments.

Automated event enrichment filters out noise and correlates roughly 4,000 relevant events into nearly 800 incidents daily.

The Managed Services Anywhere support plan, powered by Cloud Application Manager, leverages extensive automation capabilities to help us deliver managed services consistently across cloud platforms through a simplified customer experience.

Our monitoring tools receive approximately 20 million events per day

Tickets and Incident Remediation

Tickets are auto-generated for assessment and response with an auto-remediation rate of over 20%

Tickets are auto-generated for assessment and response with an auto-remediation rate of over 20%. Our managed services platform can implement predictive monitoring policies which alert based on extrapolation and anomalies from baseline.

The resulting incident tickets are automatically routed to the proper subject-matter experts, while our customers are alerted via email, text unified communications, or e-bonded ticketing systems.

Our global operations team uses over 5,000 pre-defined workflows to remediate incidents using our in-house Alert Instruction Management Service (AIMS). These cover a broad set of management activities, from alert steps, to escalation paths, to exception rules by individual customer. Many of these AIMS workflows have manually invoked automation scripts for faster response. Third-party tickets are auto created when necessary to escalate any incidents to third party cloud providers for incidents that warrant platform triage and investigation.

Change Requests

We also fulfill over 3,000 customer change requests per month across managed hybrid IT infrastructure and application estates, with 15% fulfilled via scheduled automation providing a greater range of customer control.

Over time, as our Global Operations Support Team identifies trends and recurring requests, they initiate automation scripts to eliminate repetitive hands-on effort, increase efficiency and greater accuracy. Moreover, our systems are designed for ongoing machine learning to improve efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary human intervention.

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