Cloud Management Pricing

Pricing for Managed Services Anywhere and Cloud Application Manager is based on multiple factors. We'll work with you to build a quote for the services that best suit your needs.

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Managed Services Anywhere (MSA) Pricing:

  • A Managed Services Anywhere fee applies to all assets where the service level is set to managed.
  • The Managed Services Anywhere fee is calculated based on the workload tier of support that a customer requires for their solution. Customers can choose between alerting only where they are sent alerts for resolution or can optionally add OS management, database management, and web application management where Lumen will monitor and respond to events and alerts and proactively resolve issues.
  • Discounts off of Managed Services Anywhere workload tier rates are available when committing to a minimum monthly MSA spend over an extended service term.

Self-Service Cloud Application Manager Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Pricing:

  • An Application Lifecycle Management usage rate applies to customer’s workload instances under a non-MSA provider that are using CAM ALM.
  • An Application Lifecycle Management fee is calculated monthly, based on total hours of run-time for all ALM deployed workload instances running in those non-MSA provider accounts.

Cloud Application Manager Lumen-led Cloud Support Services Pricing:

  • Lumen-led Cloud Support Services fees apply to accounts where customer purchases public cloud capacity via Lumen resale in lieu of charges directly from the cloud provider.
  • Cloud Resale customers leverage lumen for cloud support in lieu of the public cloud provider.
  • A Lumen-led Cloud Support Services fee is calculated monthly as a % uplift on the total spend with a cloud provider(s)

Customers may optionally enable Cloud Optimization and Analytics for an additional % uplift charge on their total cloud spend.

Third-Party Cloud Resale Pricing:

Third-party cloud providers' published list prices apply.

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