Cloud Management Support

Count on our expert support team to facilitate your cloud management activities under Managed Services Anywhere and Cloud Application Manager.

Where do I start?

For any questions, guidance, coordination, issue status, or escalation needs, contact your designated Technical Account Manager (TAM). They are your guide to a great cloud managed service experience, and are available during standard business hours (8am – 6pm Local Time).

For technical support and operations activities, call the Global Operations Support Center or open a ticket via the Cloud Application Manager interface. Support Engineers are available 24x7x365 and will respond in accordance with the severity level of your case.

Your TAM will regularly monitor and review all open tickets to ensure that the proper teams are engaged. They will coordinate cross-discipline engagement when required, and see all issues through resolution.

Contacting Support

Email us for technical support for a response of 4 hours or less, depending on severity of the issue. Or call your regional number directly for more immediate response during business hours. Links are also provided within the Cloud Application Manager portal to open a ticket with a response time of no more than 4 hours.

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Case Severity & Response Times

Cloud Management Support includes 24x7 access to Support Engineers via email, phone and trouble ticket for functionality issues with Managed Services Anywhere and the Cloud Application Manager Platform.

P1: Urgent

Response Time: Immediately

P2: High

Response Time: 1 Hour

P3: Medium

Response Time: 2 Hours

P4: Low

Response Time: 4 Hours

Must initiate via phone. Critical business impact with full site, environment and/or service down. Customer cannot perform business critical functions.

Status Update Frequency: Every hour.

Partial site, environment and/or service outage. Customer may be experiencing degradation of service or loss of resilience.

Status Update Frequency: Every 4 hrs.

Incident with non-business impact. Site, environment or service experiencing minor issues. A system component may have failed. No degradation of service.

Status Update Frequency: Every 24 hrs.

Incident with non-business impact. No site, environment or service issues but low-level incident required to investigate minor issue.

Status Update Frequency: Every 48 hrs.