CDN Edge Compute Use Cases

CDN brings content and customers closer

Unique Caching for HTML Documents

Traditional CDNs provide the ability to cache static content such as images, JavaScript and CSS. CDN Edge Compute is unique in its ability to provide a framework for caching HTML documents, the first piece of information a web browser receives when loading a web page.

HTML document delivery is the critical first step in any page load. If the HTML document is delivered slowly, the user experience suffers no matter how fast other items such as images are delivered.

CDN Edge Compute gives developers complete code level control over their edge workload configuration, testing, and global deployment. Core performance features, including HTTP/2 and Varnish Cache, can be easily configured to cache both static and dynamic content. This helps ensure that websites are fast and scalable.

CDN improves security and reduces latency

Security Through True Origin Shield

An origin shield is essentially a caching layer in front of your servers. Traditional CDNs cache static documents, but HTML documents are the largest consumer of resources on your servers and present the largest risk and threat potential. CDN Edge Compute caches static content and HTML documents at the edge to provide a true origin shield that protects your entire application.

Storing HTML documents at the edge has several security benefits. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that attempt to consume server resources will fail at the platform instead of at the servers, deploying a Web Application Firewall (WAF) inside the platform is possible, and extra security is provided by Lumen CDN Edge Compute's DDoS solutions.

Developers also have the flexibility to choose security solutions that best suit the application and make it easy to swithc if/when necessary. The platform offers a choice of next-generation web application security solutions including Signal Sciences, ThreatX, and ShieldSquare.

Delivering streaming online video globally using CDN

Global Network Speeds Performance

CDN Edge Compute helps speed up page load times and improve scalability by serving traffic through a modern and secure optimized global delivery network.

The ability for an application to quickly load pages regardless of traffic volume has a direct impact on user experience, bounce rate, page views, conversions. CDN Edge Compute serves traditional CDN workloads to improve performance across all devices, then goes another step by enabling dynamic content caching and HTML streaming at the edge to deliver an optimal user experience.

This results in:

  • Faster page load times for desktop and mobile
  • Ability to simultaneously serve more visitors
  • Reduced load on origin servers
  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Improved security through traffic overload prevention