CDN Mesh Delivery Use Cases

Stream online video globally using CDN Mesh Dellivery

Establishing a Global Footprint for Streaming Online Video

When broadcast and video websites needed an effective platform to deliver high-quality content online, an enterprise streaming provider sought a CDN with a global footprint that could offer excellent performance when faced with large amounts of traffic, as well as responsive customer service.

As a foundation for CDN Mesh Delivery, Lumen's Content Delivery Network offered the high-performance scalability to serve that provider’s needs as customer requirements changed. Lumen’s solution can serve thousands of concurrent viewers, providing the ability to meet the demands and unpredictability of online video consumption. Lumen also provides redundancy in the solution, giving the provider the confidence to use them as its primary CDN provider.

CDN Mesh Dellivery brings content and customers closer

Reducing Infrastructure Costs, Improving Quality

Video audiences are increasingly mobile, multi-screen and geographically dispersed. More demanding viewing habits — binge watching and data-intensive formats like 4K — also create scaling challenges for video on-demand (VOD) broadcasters stuggling to satisfy viewer appetites.

Leveraging user location, ISP, network topology, device, type of content, and bitrate profiles, CDN Mesh Delivery dynamically multi-sources to choose the fastest delivery source by combining the best of a controlled global content delivery network with the resilience and scalability of a distributed mesh architecture. By promoting a more efficient use of the network with customized delivery to every device, CDN Mesh Delivery allows broadcasters to meet their most demanding traffic spikes without compromising quality.

Specialized algorithms help VOD platforms increase delivery capacity and video quality in a cost-effective manner, meaning they can scale up during prime time spikes and deliver more hours in bitrates for:

  • Popular series
  • Catch-up TV
  • Viral social content
  • Movies

CDN Mesh Dellivery improves security and reduces latency

Handling Traffic Surges Across Different Platforms

A public broadcasting channel can be home to large-scale political and cultural events, as well as major sporting tournaments. These often entail huge surges in audience that can clog even the most robust server infrastructures.

Providing users direct access to a selection of live and on-demand original and curated content over six national television channels and a digital platform, one broadcast group selected Lumen Mesh Delivery as its peer-to-peer streaming solution provider to reinforce capacity and promote a flawless viewing experience.

"We turned to mesh network delivery technology to ensure high quality on our platform now and into the future," said the braodcast group's CTO. "When choosing a vendor, we sought out a solution that was extremely lightweight on viewer devices and had a proven track record across all user platforms. We found exactly that, and are therefore pleased to continue strengthening our partnership.”

Viewers can receive content from a variety of platforms — satellite, DTT, IPTV, Internet, mobile phones, tablets, etc. In this fast-changing environment, media platforms and different types of usage are contiually increasing. CDN Mesh Delivery helps providers anticipate and adapt to new technologies to better satisfy viewers’ expectations and needs.