Lumen CDN Use Cases

CDN brings content and customers closer

Closing the Gap Between Users & Content

A Content Delivery Network can offer a better user experience by helping websites with wide geographic relevance to deliver content faster. Everyone knows latency is the enemy. Closing the gap between content and users is the most important benefit a CDN offers to both you and your customers.

A CDN reduces website latency by using Points of Presence (POPs) to serve a wider global network. When a user makes a request, retrieving a resource cached on a CDN server takes fewer network hops than calling back to the origin server.

Faster content delivery and page load times help e-commerce website owners benefit from lower bounce rates and higher clickthrough rates by keeping visitors from abandoning a cart or deciding to leave a site and never return.

Delivering streaming online video globally using CDN

Establishing a Global Footprint for Streaming Online Video

When broadcast and video websites needed an effective platform to deliver high-quality content online, an enterprise streaming provider sought a CDN with a global footprint that could offer excellent performance when faced with large amounts of traffic, as well as responsive customer service.

Lumen CDN Mesh Delivery offered the scalability to serve that provider’s needs as customer requirements changed. Lumen’s solution can serve thousands of concurrent viewers, providing the ability to meet the demands and unpredictability of online video consumption. Lumen also provides redundancy in the solution, giving the provider the confidence to use them as its primary CDN provider.

CDN improves security and reduces latency

Added Security, Protection from Downtime

Lumen CDN Edge Compute offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an important security feature that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Enabling an SSL Private Certificate on a CDN allows for a secure connection between the servers and the users accessing the content.

Traffic spikes that might cause your website to be inaccessible can also be mitigated with a CDN. With all of your static content cached on edge servers, a huge load is removed from the origin server. This can reduce downtime and make your website more scalable, removing the need to increase bandwidth to meet traffic demands.