Mesh Delivery

For media providers that demand scalable, high quality and reliable video delivery

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Powering next-generation video delivery

Mesh Delivery makes media delivery more reliable and more scalable.

Our peer-to-peer content delivery technology allows live and video on-demand (VOD) broadcasters to improve performance, enhance reliability and expand their reach.

An advanced implementation of the WebRTC standard, Mesh Delivery dynamically multi-sources content from both the CDN and a mesh network of end user devices. This distributed approach to delivery allows platforms to scale naturally to audiences of practically any size, virtually anywhere, regardless of the server infrastructure present.

Major tier 1 broadcasters, internet and entertainment companies leverage Mesh Delivery for live streams, catch-up TV, user generated content, and ad- or subscription-based VOD content. It helps them improve video quality, scale in a cost-effective manner and future-proof their platforms from growing demand

Diagram showing visual connections from Broadcaster to CDN to Views.

Built for optimal video delivery

Live Video

Across the globe, live video is expected to grow by 15x in the next two years. This is propelled by both unprecedented viewer numbers and increasingly bandwidth-heavy rich media formats. Learn how to scale OTT delivery to world-class live streaming events.

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Video on-Demand

Viewers are more demanding than ever, expecting expansive content libraries and immersive multi-screen video. Meanwhile, revenue per subscriber struggles to keep pace with the cost of users’ habits: binge watching, on-the-go viewing, and a growing appetite for 4K. Lumen Mesh Delivery helps video platforms scale profitably.

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Sports Broadcasters

Live sports events present one of the biggest challenges for OTT streaming providers. Exponential traffic spikes place stress on the network when viewer patience for poor performance is extremely thin. Learn how Lumen Mesh Delivery helps broadcasters scale capacity and improve QoS on live sports streams.

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News Platforms

Breaking news, political polemic, viral content: news outlets are under increasing stress to deliver high-quality newscasts. Mesh Delivery has enabled European broadcasters to deliver consistent, high quality streams amid viewership records during the pandemic.

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Why use Mesh Delivery for your streams?

Improve Quality of Service

See higher average bitrates and up to three times less rebuffering than traditional CDN solutions. Mesh Delivery chooses video segments from the source that can provide them most quickly, helping reduce round trip time and promote a more efficient use of the infrastructure.

Scale to traffic spikes

Scale naturally to efficiently handle traffic spikes and growing viewership. More devices create a more powerful network, increasing capacity and video quality cost-effectively.

Geographic scalability

Extend reach to global audiences, regardless of the proximity to a CDN. Only 15 viewers on a single stream are necessary to create an effective mesh network.

Wide Compatibility

Our technology is available on major web browsers, mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, as well as set top boxes and smart TVs (FireTV,tvOS).

Easy Integration

No need to re-organize your roadmap. Enjoy a plug-and-play integration with a broad range of HTML5 and mobile players. Go from integration to production on web in just one week.

Advanced telemetry

Advanced algorithms optimize delivery for each viewer by leveraging variables such as user location, device capacity, and ISP awareness.

Mesh Delivery Features

  • Up to 15x the delivery capacity instantly for faster time to market.
  • 60 to 75% of video traffic managed by Mesh Delivery on average.
  • Up to 30% less rebuffering compared to traffic delivered via CDN-only.

Seamless integration into your video delivery workflow

Our mesh technology is fully compatible with your current encoding, CDN, analytics, DRM and advertising. Enjoy plug-and-play integration with open-source players such as hls.js, Shaka Player and dash.js, as well as trusted proprietary players including Bitmovin, Theo Player, and JW Player.

Mesh Delivery is supported for live and VOD streaming on major web and mobile platforms, Android and iOS set-top boxes, as well as smart TVs.

Our technology is compatible with (list not exhaustive):
  • Unifield Streaming Platforms
  • AWS Elemental
  • Wowza media systems
  • FFmpeg
  • Anevis
  • HEVC
  • VP9
HTML 5 & Mobile Players
  • Brightcove
  • Bitmovin
  • Dash.js
  • Video.js
  • Clappr
  • Hls.js
  • JW Player
  • Flowplayer
  • Shaka Player
  • Theo Player
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Veygo
  • Nex Players
  • CastLabs
Analytics & Ads
  • Nice People at Work
  • MUX
  • Conviva
  • Cedexis
  • Yospace
  • Widevine
  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • FairPlay
  • Web
  • Android
  • iOs
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Tizen
  • LG WebOS

An intuitive user interface

Use our feature-rich dashboard to configure your peer-to-peer delivery, apply properties to portions of your traffic, control ramp up, and monitor your platform. Get a comprehensive view of your P2P and CDN traffic as well as quality of service metrics.

Mesh dashboard snapshot

Mesh Delivery Use Cases

CDN brings content and customers closer
Developing a reliable and high-quality OTT sport broadcast service

Read how Lumen provides robust, high-quality broadcast services to Ökko Sport, sport broadcaster, and how Mesh Delivery helps ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience by extending the edge of the network.

CDN brings content and customers closer
Scalable mesh delivery accelerates primetime television & sporting events for European media giant TF1

European media giant TF1 trusts Mesh Delivery to achieve greater scale and promote high quality. Read more about the company's work with Lumen.

“As an innovator in our industry, partnering with Lumen was a logical choice for TF1. We’re extremely pleased with the results. Mesh Delivery delivers 80% of our most popular streams and offers the elasticity that we need to scale to hit primetime content and the world’s largest sporting events with ease."

— Thierry Bonhomme, CTO, TF1

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