Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation facilitates migration

Migration from On-Premises Virtualization

More and more often, organizations find themselves reaching the limits of scalability and capacity with their on-premises infrastructure. Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation™ offers an easy, direct, self-service path to migration for VMware solutions originally deployed in-house. With minimal configuration, it's as simple as pointing to a new endpoint to migrate painlessly and securely.

One of the highlights of our direct migration path is the ability to bring your own IP address. This means you can migrate your entire workspace while keeping your IP space intact. It can even be duplicated or copied, all with the convenience of vCloud Director, which makes point-and-click management of IP addresses and virtualization easy and painless.

There are many different reasons to migrate virtualization, VMware, and products to Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation. Some companies are simply at capacity on their on-premise data center structure and would like an easier way to manage workloads and storage without upgrading their hardware. Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation provides an easy, self-service way to migrate and manage VMware solutions that makes data center expansion fast and painless.

Other companies may be experiencing stability issues within their VMware environments and need to provide a stronger environment for their data hosting. Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation is built on dedicated hardware designed specifically for data performance and control — so stability is built into the system, eliminating potential errors or lag times introduced by shared environments.

In-house data centers frequently run into power or cooling constraints that can also limit performance on the system, which ultimately affects VMware-based applications.

Many enterprises are trying to make the move from CAPEX to OPEX to redefine their business strategies and free-up budgets. Migrating the management of your VMware places those expenditures firmly in the OPEX column and out of your capital expenditures.

Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation is highly secure

Top Requirement: Security

Both Healthcare and Financial applications have extremely stringent security requirements, which makes Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation an ideal choice for these applications. Software-defined networking (SDN) provides multiple natting capability. This means each virtualized system can be assigned a separate VLAN, which is a critical requirement for architectures with high security requirements. So if one system is compromised in any way, the other systems remain independent, and all activity between systems is logged and tracked.

A software-defined networking structure allows administrators more control, change, and management of a network by using open interfaces and breaking the connection between the control of network traffic from the systems that forward the traffic. This helps build a more flexible and scalable computing structure because each system can be microsegmented, allowing each system to log its own activity and stand as a separate entity.

All of this results in a more secure network with separate firewalls, load balancing, and vLan creation and assignment. When the system is microsegmented, it becomes a self-contained unit that can make up an extremely agile infrastructure. Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation relies on the self-contained, hyperconverged cloud infrastructure to provide many of the self-service features in its offering. The integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization of each VM allows plenty of security without the heavy burdens usually imposed on high security data — mainly the burden of using different providers and layers of security for each VM. With hyperconvergence, VMs sit on dedicated cloud infrastructure designed to maximize performance without sacrificing security.

Financial Services applications are ideally suited for Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation

Financial Services Solutions

Financial services applications demand both dedicated hardware and maximum speed in performance, but not at the expense of control and flexibility. Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation delivers a totally secure private cloud solution that allows customers to maintain complete control of their data. And VSAN virtual storage with SSD drives provide highest performance measured in tens of thousands of IOPS.

Financial institutions have strict requirements around who can access data, with good reason — there's a lot of sensitive information stored in financial records. So a secure data center, and often dedicated hardware to store the data, are vitally importance. However, many institutions run into trouble with performance issues around on-premises systems. It's a constant challenge to balance security with scalability, speed, and control.

At the same time, data security concerns for cloud have traditionally been a barrier to cloud adoption. Worries include data breaches, general security of the data, and the cloud provider's ability to comply with federal or industry regulations. Many of these concerns are amplified in public cloud, which lacks some of the benefits of dedicated, private cloud offerings. Financial institutions need to be confident that their information is held on a secure platform that conforms to specific regulations, and every cloud is different in how and if they meet these requirements.

Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation is a private cloud offering that uses dedicated hardware and a software-defined data center with hyperconvergence to provide single-tenancy and security that doesn't compromise on flexibility or control. Dedicated hardware provides the ultimate control, as each customer's solution is completely isolated and independent. The software-defined data center provides automation that controls the hardware; automation means fewer mistakes and greater consistency as well as more flexibility. And hyperconvergence provides tightly-integrated compute, storage, networking that is easily managed by the customer, while the virtualization and infrastructure resources are supported solely by Lumen. All of this makes Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation an ideal platform for deploying complex and highly demanding Financial Services IT applications.

DCC Foundation is a Hybrid IT enabaler

Leverage Hybrid Architectures

Convert any VMware based cloud to a hybrid solution by connecting it with Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation. This still delivers a dedicated, private cloud environment, but provides access to extensive self-service networking capabilities, "Bring Your Own IP," powerful automation, and rapid expansion in response to changing workload demands.

In a hybrid IT environment, customers have mixed workloads. For example, a healthcare provider has many different types of data in many locations. The more sensitive and controlled the information, the more security and access requirements it needs in order to ensure health care information compliance standards are met. In a cloud environment, this may mean that confidential patient records (the data that has strict requirements around access and transfer) may need to sit on a dedicated private cloud. Other types of less important office data (calendars, schedules, general information, etc.) are not subject to the same strict compliance rules and can sit on a public cloud (which, while secure, may not have the stringent access regulations that a private cloud can deliver.)

Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation provides an easy way for different types of information, and the security requirements around them, to be met easily and efficiently. Any information sitting on VMware in a cloud can easily be connected to Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation. The information then has all the security of a private cloud with dedicated hardware, but is easy-to-control on the back-end by the customer.

VMs on Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation allow point-and click provisioning and changes, as well as an easily-scalable architecture that can spin up new VMs and spin down old ones as data capacity requirements change. The platform also allows customers to "Bring Your Own IP," which makes migration easier, since the entire IP space can stay the same. The software-defined data center provides automation that reduces the risk of human error and also increases security with its attention to detail and control of the system.