We are extremely pleased to announce the rollout of a number of new features to the Orchestrate API.


  • Delete keys with a HTTP DELETE to a collection/key pair. This deletes the associated value.
  • Delete entire collections from the API by making a HTTP DELETE request to a collection with the query parameter ?force=true.

Conditional PUTs

  • Key/value gets return Etag headers
  • To ensure two or more concurrent clients do not overwrite each other’s PUTs, an If-Match: "$etag" header is supported. The request will fail unless the current etag matches the one passed in the header.
  • To enable put-if-absent style requests, an If-None-Match: * header is supported. The request will succeed only if there is no existing value for a key.

Paging for search results

  • Search queries now support limit and offset query parameters. Limits from 1 to 100 are supported.
  • Search results return a total_count value indicating the number of matching records in the index.

Improved error messages upon search indexing failures

  • When a new object is added to a collection with fields whose types do not match with the existing data’s types, an error message describing the mismatch is returned.
  • The mismatched documents will still be stored and indexed with the mismatched fields being excluded from the index.

We have updated our API documentation with coverage of each of the new features. Happy querying!