Don’t you love free stuff? When it comes to automation, open source tools are coveted because they attract support from the developer community. So we compiled a list of the best. Take a look.

When I began to research open source tools, I was overwhelmed by the noise. Mostly the marketing kind. Truth as we know is hard to find. After a lot of sifting and interviewing experts at Cloud Application Manager, we came up with this list, which is by no means final.

Cloud Application Manager-DevOps_Open_Source_Tools

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Cloud Application Manager is a powerful, scalable platform for deploying applications into production across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. It provides interactive visualization to automate application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time. Offering two approaches to cloud orchestration — Cloud Application Manager and ElasticKube — enterprise IT and developers alike can benefit from multi-cloud flexibility.

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