Developers are tinkerers. Lucky us, and our work is usually fun too! How often have you heard someone talk about "playing with" a new technology? Lots of people are afraid to try anything new. But for developers, that's one of the perks of the job!

We want to enable you to try more things. Stub out some applications, kick the tires on some new technology, and maybe even find something worth a larger investment of your time. This post shows how easy it is to do that on CenturyLink Cloud. Even better, we'll show you how the successful stuff doesn't have to be thrown away and rewritten.

The $8 App

While it's true that CenturyLink Cloud is the best choice for enterprises with complex needs, we also make it easy to start small. The seeds of big ideas often start as a tiny proof of concept or a side project. For that reason, we offer a great starting point with a small AppFog instance, which runs you less than $8 per month ($7.20, to be precise).

Using AppFog, based on Cloud Foundry, you have access to six application runtimes. Launch your Node, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, or Go application without provisioning servers and updating firewalls. Just write your code and ship it. Even better, it's fully portable to other systems; so there's no lock-in.

From Prototype to Production

You may be used to making a trade-off between easy to set up and able to scale. That's not the case here. Your $8 app isn't watered down; it's just smaller. You can seamlessly get started with your prototype. Then, add resources only as you need them.

Your AppFog app may be small now, but it can act big from the start. There's no "sleeping" because your app is always on, ready to show off what you've created.

Built Into Your Workflow

Like most developers, you probably live on the command line. You're using git for source control and likely pushing to GitHub. AppFog works unobtrusively with this workflow.

cf login -a -o ACME -u acme_user
cf create-domain ACME
cf map-route myapp
cf push myapp

Using the Cloud Foundry command line interface, you push to production (or development), add domains, and bind to other services such as databases. When your idea takes off, we'll help you scale, and you'll be ready to spend more than $8.

Sure, you might find somewhere to put your idea up there for free. But consider the benefits of investing in your own success. You pay more than $8 for a domain you never use. Try AppFog for Free Now and give your idea a place to grow.