Last week our CEO, Tony Falco wrote:

We are now preparing a list of service providers and OSS we use, carefully balancing full disclosure with the risks associated with disclosure. And we plan to share everything we can so users can make an informed decision, and not blindly or unwittingly incorporate a service they don’t trust. We will share the public APIs we use, all service providers, OSS we use, and ask our providers if they can do the same.

Today we bring you that list of the software, services, and tools that Orchestrate uses behind the scenes. It can be found in a knowledge base article entitled “What software and services underpin Orchestrate?”.

The purpose of making this information public is to allow users to make an informed judgement on the security and stability of the service we offer. We want our users to trust Orchestrate and we believe trust and transparency go hand in hand.

As we improve our service, we will be making changes to the underlying components. We will be updating the document as those changes are made.