The cloud revolution has ushered in some amazing advancements in the IT world, but with advancements often come obstacles for companies and those who support the technology. With the emergent new possibilities of what Big Data, IOT (Internet of Things) and Docker can bring to the marketplace, industry leaders are now, more than ever, in need of a better way to scale their applications without losing the features they love about the current multi-tenant cloud environment.

Developers and Enterprise execs alike have voiced the demand for powerful, dedicated servers that allow provisioning and management from a single platform. They want features like self-service, on-demand provisioning, and vast automation.

The solution Single-tenant, high performance physical machines with cloud-like attributes integrated into a single, easy to use platform.

What is Bare Metal?

Simply stated, it is the best of two worlds combined. Bare Metal has the power and reliability of the long-lived, dedicated server environment coupled with the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of the cloud model. Bare Metal cloud servers do not run a hypervisor, meaning that they are not virtualized, but they can be consumed in a cloud-like service model.

Providers are offering Bare Metal in an array of configuration choices, each touting high-performance, fully-networked, Bare Metal-dedicated servers that enable users to build powerful cloud solutions to meet their current and future needs. Clients can choose their server specs -- capacity, memory, hard disk space and software -- and off they go!

Create, push and manage your individual Bare Metal cloud servers and fully-networked solutions in a single, integrated user experience through the same control portal as your cloud servers. This allows for fast access to your platform and speed of progression for your application or project without the delays. Resource controls are at your fingertips, via the platforms' control portal, to fine-tune and adapt to the changing requirements and sync with the current needs of the project.

What's in it For Developers?

The core benefit of the Bare Metal cloud environment for developers is easier coding; a developer does not have to account for a plethora of uncertainties. This is unlike multi-tenancy environments, where developers often need to account for an unknown variable of "noisy neighbor" hosts in the virtual server environment.

Containers and Bare Metal Servers

  • More storage than you can get on our Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Fast deploy times and excellent housing for micro service architectures
  • More efficient containers on Bare Metal servers than on VMs
  • Unified platform that combines Bare Metal Servers versus one that combines VM servers gives you the operational infrastructure advantage of faster speeds, thus developing products faster and with more efficiency.

Install Docker on Bare Metal Servers

Unified Management of Resources

  • Bare Metal + VMs side-by-side on same network (or even multiple VLANs with firewall rules)
  • Great for 2 or 3-tier Web applications
  • The same fundamental functionalities of virtual cloud servers apply to Bare Metal Servers:
    • API-enabled
    • Self-Service
    • On-demand
    • Hourly billing
    • Fast provisioning (under an hour)

Create a Bare Metal Server using the same interface as VMs.

Lowering Cost and Time of Scaling

Often many companies who are experiencing exponential growth are also faced with the conundrum of financial and velocity-centric loss caused by scaling their applications on the public cloud -- causing them to revert back to co-location hosting.

The heartache starts when the need to scale within a multi-tenant cloud environment arises. Amidst inconsistencies in the performance and reliability of compute, storage and network, engineers are tasked with making it work. They have to combat slow or inconsistent node times, often causing over-provisioning and increased complexity of the application.

From a business standpoint, this process causes substantial financial and efficiency losses, both in the time spent engineering amidst "noisy neighbors" and managing the scaling process.

Implementing Bare Metal Severs will alleviate this bottleneck and give your engineers the raw power and consistency needed to successful scale and remain agile.

What's Next

Learn more about Bare Metal on CenturyLink Cloud.

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