Christine Parr, Product Owner for Relational Database, took some time to discuss her team's work on this episode of 'Cloud Talk'. To get an idea of the team's roles and responsibilities, Christine discussed their commitment to building out our Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) product with a focus on relational database (DB) engines like MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle. The team launched its first database engine in late January 2016, which is a MySQL-compatible relational DB. During the podcast, Christine defined the team's Product Vision, which is to develop a DBaaS product that is cost-effective and easy to manage through our built-in features and automation.

During the interview, Christine discussed the different methods that customers use when consuming DB products at CenturyLink Cloud and went into great detail about the functionality, ease-of-use, and managed service aspects of her team's efforts -- all of which are important to users to ensure the product offering is efficient and user friendly.

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To learn more about Relational Database, please visit the team's product page, which contains resources, documentation, contact information, pricing models, use cases, and much more!