On this CenturyLink Cloud podcast, Principal Data Scientist Ryan Kirk, who's based in the CenturyLink Cloud office in Bellevue, Washington, joins us to chat about the Internet of Things (IoT) and Capacity Planning. Ryan sheds some light on what he and his team are currently working on and what products, programs, and ideas are currently in use. Ryan also shares information on projects, pieces of content, and conferences he is pursuing and attending in the near future. The bulk of the conversation revolves around development as it relates to Capacity Planning.

Additionally, the podcast shifts towards exploring new, innovative ideas and emphasizes CenturyLink Cloud's commitment to cultivating and fostering thought leadership in the industry. One of Ryan's key insights is the Analytics as a Service (AaaS) product and the ideas surrounding that concept, with real-life applications and examples in real-time. The conversation also covers data-based paradoxes such as Simpson's Paradox, Anonymity Paradox, the Spotlight Paradox, and many of the associated trends that take place with regards to data analysis and cultivation.

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