Jon Tait, Engineering Manager, and Joe Pritzel, Engineer, on the Backup team sat down to talk with us about everything Simple Backup, specifically its key features, capabilities, service details, and other functionality-based elements. The team launched the Simple Backup Service about six months ago, and since then they have focused on adding new features and functionality while increasing the availability of service to customers. One of the most exciting features on the roadmap for development is file-level restore, but before customers can take advantage of this feature, there are a few important decisions they need to make and aspects they need to consider. Jon and Joe discuss these elements (such as the type of data, business constraints, targeted policies, and doing a test restore) and give us some greater insight into the world of backups and how to be an informed consumer.

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You can find out more about the Simple Backup Service here. During the interview we also mention knowledge base articles, specifically about databases, and the Simple Backup Satellite website.